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Gender: Masculine
: English
Clinton is an English surname meaning “Hill Town.”

Clinton, a surname, was originally given in the United States in honor of the Clinton family of New York. George Clinton (1739-1812) was an early governor and DeWitt Clinton (1769-1828) helped build the Erie Canal. President Bill Clinton (1992-2000), on the other hand, may have caused the name’s dramatic drop in the 1990s.

Pronunciation: clint-ton.

Diminutives: Clint.

Alternates: Clinttun.

See also: Clint.

Famous Bearers
Educators, Scholar, and Social Workers:
Clinton Duff (1898-1982)
American penologist.
Clinton Rossiter (1917-1970)
American political scientist.

Clinton Murchison (1895-1969)
American entrepreneur.

Clinton Hart Merriam (1855-1942)
American naturalist.
Clinton J. Davisson (1881-1958)
American physicist. Co-winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1937.

Singers and Entertainers:
Clint Eastwood (1930-)
American actor.

Percentage from the 1990 U.S. Census:
0.065 % named Clinton
0.024 % named Clint

Popularity of Clinton:
Popularity (for newborns)
In the United States...
1850: 264th most popular.
1875: 133rd most popular.
1900-1910: 203rd most popular.
1910-1920: 188th most popular.
1920-1930: 186th most popular.
1930-1940: 209th most popular.
1940-1950: 245th most popular.
1950-1960: 249th most popular.
1960-1970: 249th most popular.
1970-1980: 167th most popular.
1980-1990: 156th most popular.
1990: 217th most popular.
1991: 203rd most popular.
1992: 218th most popular.
1993: 324th most popular.
1994: 406th most popular.
1995: 471st most popular.
1996: 526th most popular.
1997: 505th most popular.
1998: 594th most popular.
1999: 669th most popular.
2000: 639th most popular.
2001: 697th most popular.
2003: 736th most popular.

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