Hee! I love comics, it's really interesting how people can still tell detailed stories with less words! Ed and I love making them for the sheer purpose of amusing others n.n We're going to have all of our favorite comics up soon, some by both of us and others by just one of us. Enjoy! ^_~

Hatz Worst Fear
Animation By: Ed&Hatz

Elise`s Parté (Warning this is an inside joke)
Animation By: Ed

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!


As I said above, I adore comics n.n especially webcomics, and I've managed to find a good collection of fav's I want to share with all of you! So enjoy! ;)

I recommend VG Cats!(Its under More Buttons!)

A Modest Destiny




Dirty Socks

Dominic Deegan



9th Elsewhere

Nuklear Power

White Ninja


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