About Us

The Greyhound Safety Net is a group of Internet friends dedicated to the rescue of greyhounds from kill shelters around the country, and from other situations where the life or health of the greyhound is in grave danger.  Because GSN exists only on the World Wide Web, our volunteers are able to respond to a greyhound emergency almost anywhere in the country. We also aid in organizing "Greyhound Underground Railroad" (GUR) runs, transporting greyhounds to their new adoptive homes. Some of our members have also volunteered to provide emergency assistance to travelling members of the greyhound fraternity.

How GSN Works

The heart of the Greyhound Safety Net is the map program, kept by The GSN founders. Whenever there is a greyhound in peril, the founders are notified, usually by e-mail, with the location of the dog, and as many particulars as possible. They try to verify the facts of the case, and then contact the nearest GSN volunteer.  The volunteer then contacts the shelter, retrieves the greyhound, and delivers it to the nearest greyhound adoption agency. We have found most shelters quite willing to waive the adoption fee if the greyhound is going to an adoption group.

GUR's take a bit more work. We lay out a route that will minimize the driving distance for each volunteer. Thus, maximum lead time is critical.

Some of Our Successes

  • Greyhound puppy moved from kill shelter in KS to adoption group.  June, 2000

  • Three Greyhounds due to be shot rescued from a farm. One moved to an adoption group; two moved to a new home in RI. April, 2001

  • Retired brood moved from FL to MT. March-April, 2001

  • International!! 2 dogs from WV to Ontario, Canada

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The Greyhound Safety Net