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Class of 1960
The Beginning!
Welcome to the Edina High School Class of 1960 website.  This is dedicated to those who helped shape
the teenagers who would become the adults of tomorrow and who generated the fond memories that we will share on this site.
I wish to thank Jim and Sandy Browning, along with Dale Poor, for their contributions to this site for without them there would be no photos and no memorabilia.  I had nothing left from High School since everything was stolen in our move to Florida many years ago.
We will also remember and keep alive the memories of our classmates and faculty who are no longer living.  We have a section devoted to them called
Dedications and Memorials. Please visit and send me back any memories or thoughts that you want published and I will place them on the site.
Now, for navigation directions - - When you see the famous lion click on it and you will be brought to the
Welcome Class page and that is the directory for the entire site.  Enjoy your trip down memory lane.