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This  ova donation  agreement (hereinafter  referred to as  "Agreement") is made and entered into by and between _________ , (here in after referred to as "Donor"), and,  Intended Mother ____ (hereinafter referred to as "Intended Mother"), and Intended Father ___ (hereinafter  referred to as "Intended Father") (Intended Mother and Intended Father hereinafter collectively referred to as “Intended Parents”).  (Donor and Intended Parents are hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Parties”).


This  Agreement is  made  with the  understanding of  the  following facts:




A.        The sole purpose of this Agreement is to enable Intended Parents to have a Child(ren) by means  of in vitro fertilization using ova and/or genetic material from the ova donated by Donor and Intended  Father's sperm or sperm donated to Intended Parents.  As used in  this Agreement, "ovum", "ova", "donated  ova" or “genetic material from the ova”,   shall  include   all  human  ova, including genetic material,  retrieved  from  Donor simultaneously pursuant  to a medical ova  retrieval procedure (hereinafter referred to as "Retrieval  Procedure"). As used in this Agreement, "child", "Child",  "Children", or Child(ren) shall include any and  all Child(ren) born from the donated ova and/or genetic material from the ova retrieved pursuant to this Agreement.


B.         All of the Parties warrant that  all representations, either  oral or written, made  to any professional, entity or  Party are true, correct, and complete.  Additionally, the Parties desire to maintain  confidentiality between themselves, one to another, and between themselves and the public.


C.        Donor  is a single woman, is the age of twenty-one  (21) years or over, and  is  desirous of  entering  into this  Agreement.  Donor,  based on  her information  and  belief,  represents  that  she is  capable  of  producing healthy, normal  ova. Donor wishes to donate her unfertilized ova, including genetic material from the ova,  to the Intended Parents for their  use in the conception and parenting of a Child(ren).  Donor does not desire or  intends to have a parental relationship with any Child(ren)  born of the  donated ova or genetic material from the ova and  agrees not  to attempt to  form a parent-child relationship with any  Child(ren) that may be born pursuant to this  Agreement now  or  in the  future. Moreover,  Donor  relinquishes and disavows any and all rights, interest, responsibilities and claims, if any, with respect  to the donated ova and/or genetic material from the ova and/or any and  all Child(ren) born of the donated  ova and /or genetic material from the ova.  Further,  Donor  believes  and  intends  that  any  and  all Child(ren)  born of  the donated ova  and/or genetic material from the ova are morally  and legally that  of the Intended  Parents as  if the  Child(ren) was  genetically of  both Intended Parents.


D.        Intended Parents are  a married couple, are the age of twenty-one (21) years or  over,  and  are  desirous of  entering  into  this Agreement.  Intended Parents, based  on their  information and belief, represent  that they have experienced difficulty conceiving a child without the assistance of medical technology.  Intended Parents  desire and  intend to  have the  donated ova fertilized  with Intended  Father's  sperm or sperm donated to Intended Parents, and  the resulting embryos  transferred to Intended Mother's  uterus. Intended  Parents propose and  desire to gestate the  resulting  embryo(s)  to  term  and  accept all  parental  rights  and responsibilities  for  the  Child(ren)  thus  conceived  and  born.  It  is absolutely the Intended Parents'  decision whether to gestate the embryo(s) to  term. Further, Intended  Parents warrant  that they have  discussed the implications of parenting a  child conceived via ova donation and that they are comfortable and knowledgeable regarding the situation.


E.         The Parties understand that the Intended Parents have suffered much pain and agony  to bring a Child(ren)  into their family and  are now relying on Donor's assistance  to help produce a Child(ren).  It is also understood by the Parties  that grave, severe and  intense emotional stress, humiliation, and  mental anguish may  occur to either  Party as  a result of  a material breach by  the other Party, and that the breaching  Party may be liable for intentional infliction of emotional distress.


F.         It is understood  by all Parties that ova donation, including genetic material from the ova,

and "in vitro" and/or "in  utero"  fertilization  are procedures  within  a  new, unsettled,  and uncharted area of the  law, and no warranties have been or can be made as to the ultimate result, cost, liability, or obligation of the Parties, as a result of the conduct  contemplated by this Agreement and/or that may ensue from any  judicial, legislative,  or administrative process as  a result of the conduct contemplated herein or with respect to any arbitration/litigation  necessary  to establish  any  right of  any of  the Parties  per this  Agreement,  including parental  rights and/or  financial obligations  regarding any  donated ova,  embryo, or  Child(ren) born  as a result of this Agreement.





The Parties  intend each part  of this Agreement to  be legally enforceable and dispositive of the intent of the Parties with respect to any Child(ren) conceived and born pursuant to this Agreement.


H.        The  Parties have  been informed and  advised of the  California Supreme Court decision in  Johnson v. Calvert and agree the decision applies to and governs  the conduct  contemplated herein  to the  extent the  decision was based upon the intent of the Parties as to parentage. The Parties have been informed and  advised of  the California Fourth  Appellate District Court's decision in  IRMO Buzzanca, and  agree the decision applies  to and governs the conduct  contemplated herein to the extent  the decision was based upon determination of parentage.




J.          The  Parties  understand  the  parentage  and/or  parental  rights  and obligations  regarding children  born  pursuant to  this type  of agreement remains unsettled  in California law at  this time. Notwithstanding passage of any legislation which may apply to the conduct of the Parties under this Agreement,  each Party  hereby agrees  their intent,  as set forth  in this Agreement,  shall  govern  any  dispute,  should such  occur.  The  Parties expressly agree herein their  intent is for Intended Mother to be the legal mother/parent of  any Child(ren) born pursuant  to this Agreement, and that Intended Mother  shall be treated in all respects  as the natural and legal mother/parent  of  any  Child(ren)   conceived  and/or  born.  The  Parties expressly agree herein their  intent is for Intended Father to be the legal father/parent of  any Child(ren) born pursuant  to this Agreement, and that Intended Father  shall be treated in all respects  as the natural and legal father/parent of any Child(ren)  conceived and/or born. The Parties further expressly intend the Donor is NOT the natural or legal mother/parent of the Child(ren) conceived  and/or born pursuant to  the terms of this Agreement.  Donor  does NOT and shall NOT have  ANY legal rights and/or obligations to the Child(ren).


K.        The  Parties expressly  understand and acknowledge  that notwithstanding California Penal Code Sections  181 (prohibiting involuntary servitude) and 182 (prohibiting conspiracy to  commit a crime), said California Penal Code sections have never been applied to Ova Donation.


NOW THEREFORE,  in consideration of the  mutual promises, terms, conditions and covenants  set forth above and hereinafter, and with  the intention of being legally bound thereby, the Parties agree as follows:





A.        Donor agrees to,  or has already undergone, a psychological and physical evaluation prior to the Retrieval Procedure. Donor agrees to undergo and/or has  already undergone  a comprehensive physical  examination. Donor  also agrees  to  provide  Intended  Parents with  non-identifying  comprehensive medical  and  psychological  information  about  herself and  any  and  all biological  children. In  addition, Donor  shall execute  any authorization necessary  for the  release  of non-identifying  medical and  psychological information, thereby  allowing any  health care professional  designated by Intended  Parents  to obtain  and  review her  non-identifying medical  and psychological records.


B.         Donor hereby warrants  that any  and all  representations made  in her application to  be an ova  donor are true, correct,  and complete. Further, Donor warrants that she has made all relevant disclosures regarding medical and family history in her application.


C.        The Parties  agree  to submit  for screening  for  sexually transmitted diseases (including  HIV) in  order to protect  the health of  the Intended Mother  and Child(ren). Further, Donor  and Intended Parents  agree to undergo  any medical  testing  that IVF  Physician (hereinafter  "IVF Physician", "Physician", or  "Physicians") or a health care provider designated by Intended Parents deems necessary, while this  Agreement is  in  effect, at  the  expense of  Intended Parents.  The Parties agree that all medical procedures and the Retrieval Procedure shall be conducted in accordance with standards and requirements of IVF Physician or a health care provider as designated by Intended Parents. Donor, if currently sexually active, warrants that she has a monogamous relationship with her current partner (not her husband) (hereinafter referred to as “Partner”) and further warrants that her Partner agrees to and shall submit for screening for seually transmitted diseases (including HIV) and agrees to undergo and medical testing that Physician deems necessary at Intended  Parents’ expense.  However, if Donor is not currently  sexually active or if Donor wishes to commence sexual relations with a new partner (hereinafter referred  to as "Donor's New Partner"),  Donor agrees  that  Donor's New Partner  will agree  to  submit for screening for sexually transmitted  diseases (including HIV) and to undergo any medical testing that IVF physician, designated by Intended Parent, or a health care provider designated  by Intended Parent, deems necessary, while this Agreement  is in effect,  at the expense of  Donor in order to protect the health of the Intended Mother and Child(ren). Donor further understands that  she may  not  commence sexual  relations with  Donor's  New Partner until physician provides  a medical clearance for  Donor's New Partner. Any relations prior to medical clearance by physician will be deemed a material breach of this Agreement.


D.        Donor acknowledges that she has the right, at Intended Parents' cost, to request a psychological evaluation of Intended  Parents by a mental health care professional licensed to practice in the state and/or country of their residence, and by her signature on this Agreement hereby waives this right.


E.         The  Parties understand  that  by  executing this  Agreement, they  are agreeing  to waive  their  doctor-patient privilege,  permitting review  of medical information, and allowing  written and verbal communication between the evaluating  health care  provider and any  Party to this  Agreement, as well  as  the Parties'  attorneys and ________, Inc. The Parties agree to execute a separate authorization  for release  of such information,  if so requested. With respect to Intended Parents, this paragraph shall be limited solely to medical information directly related to the  Retrieval   Procedure contemplated by this Agreement.



3.         DONOR'S CONDUCT


A.        Donor agrees not to ingest alcoholic beverages, use tobacco or nicotine products,  or use  any illegal  drugs from  the date  of execution  of this Agreement through completion of the Retrieval Procedure. In addition, Donor agrees not  to use any prescription  or non-prescription medication without the   express written  consent  of  the IVF  Physician,  from  the date  of execution  of  this Agreement  (or  sooner  if advised  by IVF  Physician), through completion  of the  Retrieval Procedure. If any  cycle is canceled, Donor  may resume  use  of alcohol, prescription  and/or non-prescription  medication as advised by  Physician, until two (2) weeks  before the onset of medication, Lupron or similar cycle-related medication, other than birth control pills, for the  next cycle through completion of  the Retrieval Procedure for that cycle.


B.         Donor  agrees to adhere to all  reasonable medical instructions given to her  by  any  Physician   performing  services  related  to  the  Retrieval Procedure. Donor  also agrees to be available for  any and all routines and procedures  required by  any Physician  performing services related  to the Retrieval  Procedure.  Further,  Donor understands  that  it is  imperative she follows the  IVF physician's schedule for taking  medication exactly and not deviate from it unless instructed to do so by the IVF Physician.


C.        The Donor agrees to abstain from any sexual activity, including intercourse, that would allow the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, from the time she begins her medical evaluation and testing until after the Retrieval Procedure and upon Physician’s clearance for Donor resuming sexual activities.  If any cycle is canceled, Donor and Donor's Partner, pursuant to Section 2C,  may resume  monogamous,  protected sexual  relations with  each other, using condoms,  as advised by Physician,  until a minimum of  two (2) weeks before the onset of  medication Lupron, or similar cycle-related medication, other than birth control pills, through completion of the Retrieval Procedure and upon Physician’s clearance for Donor resuming sexual activities, for the next cycle through completion of the Retrieval Procedure for that cycle.  If any cycle is canceled and Donor has a new partner, Donor and Donor’s New Partner, upon medical clearance from Physician pursuant to Section 2C, may have  monogamous,  protected sexual  relations with  each other, using condoms,  and shall abstain from such sexual activity as advised by Physician  from before the onset of  medication Lupron, or similar medication, for the next cycle through completion of the Retrieval Procedure for that cycle. Donor  will be in  breach of this Agreement  if  she  becomes  pregnant  (resulting  from  consensual  sexual activities) during the term of this Agreement.



4.         PROCEDURE


A.        The Parties agree that the Retrieval Procedure shall occur one  time within  six months of  the signing of this Agreement by all Parties.  Donor agrees to relinquish custody of all retrieved ova to Intended Parents immediately upon retrieval during the Retrieval Procedure.


B.         Donor understands  that any  original date  given to her  regarding the Retrieval  Procedure is  only  a guideline  provided  to the  Parties as  a courtesy  to  allow  for  personal scheduling,  in  order  to minimize  the inconvenience of  the Parties. Donor agrees  to be available to  undergo the  Retrieval Procedure on  the date on  which it actually falls,  regardless of whether  it is  different from the  tentative date(s) originally quoted  to her.


C. Intended  Parents agree that the  possibility exists that sufficient ova, including genetic material from the ova,  may not  be retrieved or fertilized, and that  no viable embryos may result from the Retrieval Procedure.


D.  All Parties  agree  to sign  reasonable consent  forms provided  by IVF Physicians.





A.        Donor  agrees that Intended  Mother shall  enter Intended  Mother's name  as  the Mother  on  the birth  certificate of  any Child(ren) born from the donated ova and/or genetic material from the ova. Donor agrees that Intended Father  shall enter  Intended Father's name  as the Father  on the birth certificate of any Child(ren) born from the donated ova and/or genetic material from the ova. The Intended Parents intend to use Intended Father's sperm, but may use sperm donated to Intended Parents, to fertilize the donated ova and/or genetic material from the ova.


B.         Donor agrees that it is in the best interests of the Child(ren) that she not  attempt  to assert  any  maternity to the  Child(ren)  by any  means, including a maternity action or otherwise, or  attempt to form  a parent-child relationship with the Child(ren).


C.        Donor and Intended  Parents understand  that Intended Parents  shall be conclusively presumed  to be the legal  parents of any Child(ren) conceived pursuant  to  this Agreement.  Donor  shall  not have  any parental  rights whatsoever. (See  Johnson  v. Calvert,  ftn.10). (See also  IRMO Buzzanca).  Intended  Parents shall  take  parental responsibility  and custody  of any

Child(ren) conceived  pursuant to this Agreement,  immediately after birth, regardless  of whether the Child(ren) suffer  from any physical  or mental disease or defect.


D.        All  ova, genetic material from the ova, and subsequent embryos produced by  the Donor pursuant to this Agreement shall be deemed the property of the Intended Parents and as such, the  Intended  Parents'  shall   have  the  sole  right  to  determine  the disposition of  said ova, genetic material from the ova,  and embryos.





A.        Donor agrees that  it is in  the best  interest of the  Child(ren) that Intended Parents are the Child(ren)'s parents. Therefore, Donor agrees that custody and  control of  any and  all retrieved ova/ovum  and/or genetic material from the ova shall immediately vest  with  Intended  Parents  at  the  time  the  Retrieval  Procedure  is performed, and  as each  ova is retrieved  from Donor's body  and placed in containers  provided by  the Physician.  Such custody and  control entitles Intended  Parents to  make all  decisions regarding disposition  of embryos created  from  donated  ova and/or genetic material from the ova,  including  but not  limited  to  disposition,  ova, genetic material from ova, embryos, cryopreservation, transfer  to Intended Mother's body, donation of  ova,  genetic material from ova,  or  embryo(s),  destruction of ova, genetic material from ova or embryos, or abortion  of fetus(es).


B.         Donor has not and shall not execute any conflicting documents pertaining to this Retrieval Procedure only, including, but not limited to, Physician, fertility  center, or hospital  consent forms,  wherein custody of  ova are given  to  Physician,  donor program,  fertility  center,  or hospital,  or another party other than Intended Parents.


C.        The Parties further  understand and agree that Intended Parents shall be conclusively presumed to be the legal  parents of any Child(ren) conceived pursuant to  this Agreement,  and Donor surrenders  any and all  rights, if any, to any Child(ren)  born from donated ova, including but not limited to parental rights,  custodial rights, and  the right to name  the Child(ren).  (See  Johnson v. Calvert, n10). (See also  IRMO Buzzanca). Intended Parents shall take parental responsibility  and custody of any Child(ren) conceived pursuant to this Agreement immediately after birth, and Intended Parents' names will be placed on  the birth  certificate of any  Child(ren) born from  the donated ova and/or genetic material from the ova.


D.        Donor  agrees that she will  not attempt to assert  her maternity to the Child(ren)  by any  means, including  a maternity  action or  otherwise, or attempt  to  form  a  parent-child  relationship with  the  Child(ren).  In addition, Donor will not seek to  view or meet with  the Intended Parents, the Child(ren), or their family, unless this provision is waived in writing by Intended Parents.


E.         Donor agrees  that  the conduct  contemplated under  this  Agreement is identical and/or  the same  as that involved  in the donation  of sperm, as specified under  California  Family Code Section  7613, notwithstanding the fact  that the  medical  procedure necessary  to obtain  an  ovum, surgical removal  of an  ovum  from Donor,  differs from  that for  obtaining sperm. Accordingly,   Donor  agrees   that   her  rights,   responsibilities,  and obligations  shall  be  the  same as  a  sperm  donor's  as  defined under California  Family  Code Sections  7613(a)  and  (b). Donor  shall have  NO parental  rights toward  any Child(ren)  conceived and/or born  pursuant to this Agreement and Intended Mother shall be treated in law as the legal and natural  mother/parent of  any  Child(ren) conceived  as a  result  of this Agreement, and  Intended Father  shall be treated  in law as  the legal and natural  father/parent of  any  Child(ren) conceived  as a  result  of this Agreement.





A.        If either or both Intended Parents should die after execution of this Agreement and prior to Donor commencing Lupron, or other similar medication as prescribed by Physician, then this Agreement shall terminate.  If either or both Intended Parents should die after execution of this Agreement and after Donor has commenced Lupron, or other similar medication as prescribed by Physician, but prior to the Retrieval Procedure, then this Agreement shall terminate.  Donor shall receive $500.00 as a cancellation fee in the event of termination of this Agreement pursuant to this paragraph.  Termination pursuant to this Paragraph shall not constitute a breach.


B.         If  both Intended Parents  should die after execution  of this Agreement and  Retrieval Procedure but prior to  fertilization of ova, then this Agreement shall terminate and custody shall revert back to Donor.


C.        If  both Intended Parents should die  after execution of this Agreement, the Retrieval Procedure, and fertilization of  ova, any  remaining cryopreserved  embryos shall be destroyed.





A.        The  Parties agree that the consideration  paid pursuant to this Agreement constitutes  reasonable monetary  compensation for  all foreseen and  unforeseen losses,  costs, and expenses incurred,  as well as inconveniences, discomforts, and time experienced and spent by Donor in carrying out her obligations as  set forth  in this Agreement.  Such consideration includes, but is  not limited to lost wages, childcare, mileage, parking, inconvenience, pain and suffering, and  for  Donor's  assumption of  all medical  and psychological risks  related to  this Agreement. Donor  is not selling  her genetic  material,  nor is  she being  paid to  relinquish her parental  rights  to  any Child(ren)  born  from  her  genetic  material.


B.         In consideration therefore, Intended Parents agree to pay for and/or to Donor and/or  to indemnify her for all of  the following items, which shall be paid prior to Retrieval Procedure:


i.          Initial medical and psychological testing to determine Donor’s suitability as an ova donor and Partner’s testing, if applicable, if requested by Intended Parents or Physician;

ii.          The  Retrieval Procedure  including, but not  limited to, the  costs of Physician, the medical facility, anesthesiologist and medication associated therewith;

iii.         Donor  will receive a total  of $________ for the completed Retrieval Procedure payable within 7 to 10 days of Retrieval Procedure regardless of the number of ova that are retrieved.  This amount shall be paid into a trust fund, established with _______, Inc., prior to the Donor beginning any medication required by Physician.

a.         If, a cycle is canceled after administration of Lupron, or similar medication as prescribed by Physician, due to “poor response” by the Donor, (poor medical response as determined by Physician, and due to no fault of Donor, Donor shall receive $500.00 as a cancellation fee.

iv.         Donor shall receive no more than $250.00 in attorney's  fees  for independent  legal advice  regarding the meaning and  consequence of  this Agreement.

v.         Intended Parents shall not pay for Donor's legal advice regarding breach or enforcement of this Agreement.

vi.         Intended Parents will purchase a temporary medical insurance policy through _____ having a ______ limit of to cover any complications directly attributable to the Retrieval Procedure.  Intended Parents will pay for the temporary policy.

vii.        Donor's remaining insurance deductible and/or co-payment  as a direct result of the procedures contemplated by this Agreement up to one (1) month from the date of the Retrieval Procedure.


viii.       All medical complications directly related to the  Retrieval Procedure not covered by the temporary insurance policy, so long as the claim or expense is submitted to the insurance company pursuant to the insurance company’s requirements for timely submission or within one(1) month from the date of the Retrieval Procedure, whichever is shorter.


ix.         Donor shall receive a flat fee in total of $250.00 for transportation costs and hotel accommodations for appointments with Physician, taking blood tests and/or undergoing the Retrieval Procedure.



Intended parents'  financial obligations  for the Donor are  limited to the above reimbursement only.


C.        Donor  agrees  to  reimburse Intended  Parents  for  all payments  made directly to  her by insurance companies, if  any, for medical expenses paid by Intended Parents under the terms of this Agreement.


D.        The consideration is not conditioned upon the number or condition of ova retrieved or  successful fertilization of ova.  Intended Parents assume the risk of receiving unsatisfactory ova and/or genetic material from the ova.







A.        Donor warrants  that she  has had  the medical and  psychological risks explained to her by a medical professional. This  includes,  but is  not  limited  to, the  process  of enhancement  of ovulation,  the  actual Retrieval  Procedure.  Donor understands and agrees to assume all of these risks relating to Donor.


B.         Donor warrants that she is aware of risks involved in traveling for activities contemplated by this Agreement, including, but not limited to, testing, screening, and the Retrieval Procedure.  Such risks may involve intentional criminal or negligent actions by third parties or accidents, which could cause or lead to injury and/or death.  Donor understand and agrees to assume all of these risks relating to Donor.



C.        Intended   Parents  have  had   the  medical  and psychological  risks  explained  to them  by  a  medical professional.  This includes,  but  is not  limited to,  the process  of enhancement  of ovulation  and the actual  Retrieval Procedure.  Intended Parents understand and agree to assume all of these risks relating to Intended Parents.




D.        Intended Parents understand and are aware of the risk that pregnancy may result in  genetic or  congenital abnormalities including  birth defects or mental retardation. Intended Parents  are also aware of and understand that gender  selection is  not  100% effective.  Nevertheless, Intended  Parents agree to  accept full legal and  parental responsibility for any Child(ren) born from  donated ova who  possesses any such abnormalities  and/or is not the gender of choice.


E.         The Parties understand  that informed consent, advice or information for all medical  procedures, including but not limited to the Retrieval Procedure,  is the individual  responsibility of each Party. In addition,  the  Parties understand  that  the attorneys,  psychotherapists, or any agent  or employee of said entities are not responsible for any  medical advice and/or  information which may, should,  or has been given to the Parties.


It is the responsibility of the Parties to this Agreement to consult with a geneticist  as  to  the  risk of  any  such  abnormalities and/or  defects.





A.        Donor  warrants that she  has consulted with a  medical professional who has explained the medical risks to her and is aware of all risks, including death, which may result from the acts contemplated  by  this  Agreement  including,  but not  limited  to,  risks involved in  medical examinations, Retrieval  Procedure, and complications.


Donor  hereby assumes  all of  the above  stated risks, releases  and holds Intended  Parents' harmless  from  any legal  liability arising  from these risks.


B.         Donor warrants  that  she has  consulted  with a  psychologist who  has explained  the psychological risks to her and is aware of all risks associated with ova donation and the Retrieval   Procedure.


Donor  hereby assumes  all of  the above  stated risks, releases  and holds Intended  Parents' harmless  from  any legal  liability arising  from these risks.


C.        Donor warrants that she is aware of risks involved in traveling for activities contemplated by this Agreement, including, but not limited to, testing, screening, and the Retrieval Procedure.  Such risks may involve intentional criminal or negligent actions by third parties or accidents, which could cause or lead to injury and/or death.


Donor  hereby assumes  all of  the above  stated risks, releases  and holds Intended  Parents' harmless  from  any legal  liability arising  from these risks.





A.        Intended Parents agree to purchase a temporary policy, purchased through _______, to cover any complications directly attributable to the Retrieval Procedure.  Intended Parents will pay for the temporary policy for up to one (1) month after the Retrieval Procedure.  The insurance shall have a maximum $____ deductible or co-payment.


B.         Donor  shall use  her  best  efforts to  maintain  the medical insurance  plan  during the entire term of this Agreement.  Coverage under this insurance plan shall be obtained prior to the Retrieval Procedure and shall continue in force until one (1) month after the completed Retrieval Procedure, should medical complications develop as a result of the Retrieval Procedure.  The coverage shall commence from the date of Donor taking Lupron, or similar medication as prescribed by Physician.


C.        Donor  shall advise Intended Parents of notices from the insurance company, including but not limited to cancellation, past due payments,  change in coverage (amendments).


            The Parties shall make their own investigation of the existence and extent of insurance coverage for the conduct contemplated by this Agreement.




A. The  Parties expressly  understand and agree  that neither the health  care  providers whose  services  are  contemplated under  this Agreement, the  attorneys, and/or the agents  or employees of such entities guarantee or warrant that  (1) Donor will produce healthy, viable ovum, and (2) the  Child(ren), if conceived, will  be physically and mentally healthy and free of birth or congenital defects.



13.       BREACH


A.        In  the event of a  material breach of the  provisions of this Agreement without  legal excuse,  in  addition to  all legal  and  equitable remedies available to  the non-breaching  Party, the non-breaching  Party may cancel this Agreement without further liability.


B.         If  a Party  believes  that  another has  breached  the  terms of  this Agreement,  they  shall  notify   the  other  Party  in  writing,  and the breaching  Party shall be given an opportunity to cure within five  (5) days of the notice. If a material breach is subject to cure  and the  breach is cured,  the continued performance by the  aggrieved Party shall constitute a waiver. If the breach  is not cured, the continued  performance of the aggrieved Party shall not constitute a waiver.


C.        Donor  shall be deemed to  have breached this Agreement  if, among other things, Donor  chooses to voluntarily withdraw  from this program without a medical reason, fails to  follow Physician orders, fails to comply with the terms of  this Agreement,  becomes pregnant through  consensual intercourse during the  stimulation phase, or  fails to be available  for treatments or procedures  as  scheduled,  including  but  not limited  to  the  Retrieval Procedure. In the event  that Donor breaches this Agreement, in addition to all other  remedies and damages,  she shall reimburse any  and all expenses incurred by the Intended Parents, which include, but may not be limited to, donor agency fees, medical costs, the cost of the medication, transportation to appointments with Physician, as  well as  legal  fees, and  any other  expenses necessitated  by Donor's initial agreement  to this Agreement, plus interest  at the legal rate from the  date  the  monies   were  placed  in  trust  until  they  are  repaid.


D.        In  no event shall any Party be deemed  to have materially breached this Agreement where the inability  to perform timely is due to a cause which is beyond the control of  the Party (e.g. hyperstimulation, under-stimulation, a prohibitive medical problem of Intended Mother or Donor, a serious injury to any  Party, a natural disaster  or any other act  of God). Failure to be available for the Retrieval Procedure as a result of Donor's work or school schedule or  another reason or circumstance  that could have been prevented by better scheduling shall not be considered "beyond the control" of Donor.


E.         The non-performing  Party(s) agree  to perform  as soon as  is possible given  the specific  circumstances.  However, should  the Intended  Parents determine that  the delay  has irreparably jeopardized the  purpose of this Agreement,   the  Intended   Parents  shall   notify  the  Donor   of  this determination, as  well as the cancellation  of this Agreement. Termination of  this   Agreement  pursuant  to  this   Paragraph  shall  supersede  the requirements  pertaining  to  "cure",  as set forth in Paragraph 13B.


F.         If the  Intended Parents  terminate this  Agreement, due to  a material breach by Donor, all  funds remaining in excess of those sums necessary for payment  of expenses  already incurred  shall be  returned to  the Intended Parents forthwith upon their demand.


G.        The  Parties agree that  certain terms of this  Agreement, including but not limited  to the terms relating to custody  and parental rights, and the rights of the privacy  of the Parties, will survive any termination of this Agreement  by breach  or otherwise.  In addition,  those terms  relating to Intended  Parents' parental rights  and their  right to sole  and exclusive custody of  any Child(ren) born as a  result of the Retrieval Procedures contemplated by this  Agreement may not be  diminished, disturbed, or otherwise affected by any actual or alleged breach.





A.  Confidentiality  of the  Parties'  identity  is highly  valued in  this situation, and  the Parties  acknowledge and agree  that it is  in the best interest of  the Child(ren) that details surrounding this Agreement, and information on the Parties obtained as a result thereof, shall be held in  the utmost  confidence and  will remain  private. Further, the Parties agree  that  use  of  titles and registrant numbers assigned to the Parties by _____, Inc. shall be  deemed legally binding signatures.


B.         The Parties shall  maintain the confidentiality of this Agreement between themselves. The Parties shall not provide information to the public, news media, or any other person and/or entity, except as otherwise provided herein, without the express written consent of all the Parties to this Agreement.  The Parties  understand that the confidentiality provided for herein  in these paragraphs does  not contemplate speaking with friends and  relatives,  the Parties'  respective  attorneys,  Physicians or  other professionals, and/or any other persons  associated  with any  aspect  of  this Agreement  about their  own involvement  in   the  gestational  arrangement.   Such  conversations  are permitted and  do not constitute a  breach of the confidentiality, provided that the identity of the other Party(s) is not disclosed.


C.        In  the event any claim  or litigation arises out  of the performance of this Agreement,  the Parties agree  that they and their  heirs, assigns and representatives, including  their legal  counsel, will take  all reasonable steps to  maintain such  confidentiality and the  rights of privacy  of the Parties,  including but  not limited  to: (a)  requesting court  records be sealed; (b) requesting the  court impose gag orders; and (c) requesting the court  take all  necessary steps  to protect  the Parties'  identities from disclosure to the public and/or news media.





A.        The  Parties agree that there will be no  future contact beyond the term of this Agreement with  the exceptions listed herein.





A.        During the  term of  this Agreement,  the Parties agree  to immediately inform each  other in writing of any material change in their  circumstances which  may reasonably affect this  Agreement.  These changes  include, but are not limited  to, change of address, illness or death of a Party,  loss of employment, change in insurance  coverage,  pregnancy, and/or exposure  to communicable illness.


B.         Due  to the genetic connection of the Child(ren)  to the Parties, it may in the  future become necessary to obtain  medical information from a Party to this Agreement.  Therefore, Donor agrees to inform _______, Inc. or its designated agents or employees of any change of address for Donor’s lifetime.  If medical information  must be  obtained  from  Donor in  the  future or  at anytime, Donor agrees to furnish such  information,  and  to  sign  a Release of non-identifying  Medical Records,  if required. 


C.        The Parties acknowledge that the sharing of genetic material when combines with anonymity creates the potential that children who are genetically related may meet in the future and inadvertently develop a relationship.. Therefore, in order to avoid future inadvertent and inappropriate relationships between genetically-related individuals, the Parties agree to inform and/or release to the other Party (care of ____, Inc.) the gender and birth date of any and all Child(ren) born of the donated ova, as well as any children born to the Donor.



17.       TERM


A.        The  term of this Agreement shall begin with  the latter execution date and end with the  completion of the Retrieval Procedure.  However, the term set  forth herein  is not  intended to  abridge the Parties'  rights and/or obligations hereunder  which may  extend beyond this  period, including but not  limited  to, parental  rights  and responsibilities,  confidentiality, financial responsibilities, and future contact.





A.        At any time prior to the active preparation of Retrieval Procedure (e.g. the  beginning  of  Donor's  ingestion  of medication  for  said  Retrieval Procedure)  either  Party may  terminate  this  Agreement by  two (2)  days written  notice to  the  other Party.  If Intended Parents terminate  this Agreement  pursuant  to  this provision,  Intended Parents shall have no  further obligation or liability.


B.         If the IVF Physician advises the Parties to cancel the cycle after initiation of medication, and the cycle is canceled, pursuant to Section 8Biii(a), the Donor will be entitled to the cancellation fee in Section 8Biii(a), and Donor shall be obligated to reschedule a second cycle.  However if Physician advises cancellation of the cycle, due to no fault of Donor, and the Donor is not a good candidate for a rescheduled cycle, then this Agreement shall terminate without further disbursement to Donor after payment of the cancellation fee in Section 8Biii(a).  Physician-recommended cancellation shall not make anyone in breach of Agreement, unless the reason for cancellation is based on a material violation of a Party of this Agreement.  If the cycle is cancelled through no fault of Donor, then Donor will not be required to return any compensation already received.


C.        If the IVF Physician advises the Parties to cancel the cycle after initiation of medication for the second cycle, and the cycle is cancelled, the Parties shall have the option of rescheduling a third cycle or terminating this Agreement without further disbursement to Donor after payment of the cancellation fee, if applicable, pursuant to Section 8Biii(a).




A. The  Parties shall execute all such further and additional documents as shall be reasonably, (i) convenient, (ii)  necessary, or (iii) appropriate to carry out the  provisions of this Agreement  in good  faith.





A.        MEDIATION:  The Parties agree to mediate any dispute or claim arising between them from this Agreement or any resulting transaction PRIOR to bringing any court action.  Mediation is a process by which parties attempt to resolve a dispute or claim by submitting it to an impartial neutral mediator, who is trained and authorized to facilitate the resolution of the dispute, but who is not empowered to impose a settlement on the Parties.  Mediation fees, if any, shall be  divided  equally  among the  Parties.




C.        EXCLUSIONS FROM MEDIATION: Any matter which is within the jurisdiction of a  probate or small claims  court, is excluded from  the above mediation paragraphs. The filing of a court action to enable an injunction, or other provisional remedy,  shall not  constitute  a violation  of this  section.


D.        In the event litigation is required to interpret or enforce the terms of this Agreement  in a court of  competent jurisdiction, the prevailing Party shall be  entitled to reasonable  attorney's fees, court costs,  and to any other  relief to  which the  court determines  the said Party  is entitled; provided that  the prevailing Party attempted  to comply with the Mediation requirements of this Section before commencing litigation.





A.        The  validity of this Agreement  and any of its  terms or provisions, as well as the rights  and duties of the Parties under this Agreement shall be construed pursuant to, and  in accordance with,  the laws of  the state of California.  Any  dispute  resolution   or  litigation  arising  from  this Agreement shall be brought  in the state and in the county in which the Intended Parents reside,  unless the Intended Parents choose otherwise. If Intended  Parents move to a  jurisdiction outside the continental United States, any  dispute resolution  or litigation arising  from this Agreement shall be  brought in the state  in which Donor resides,  unless the Parties agree otherwise.





A.        The  Parties acknowledge that  they have had the  opportunity to consult with  and/or  have  been  represented  by  separate legal  counsel  in  the negotiations of  this Agreement,  and that their  counsel was of  their own choosing.  The  Parties  further  acknowledge  that  they  have  read  this Agreement,  that  they  have  been advised  and  that  they understand  its meaning,  as well  as  its legal  and other  consequences. The  Parties are signing  this Agreement  freely and  voluntarily. In addition,  the Parties acknowledge  that   they  have  participated  or   had  an  opportunity  to participate in the drafting  of this Agreement. As such, in the event of an ambiguity, it shall not be construed against any Party.


B.         Attorney representation of clients is deemed  completed at the time all Parties sign this Agreement.





A.        This  Agreement does  not instruct the  Parties, nor have  the attorneys advised the Parties, on  the issue of taxation of any payment made pursuant to this  Agreement, and this  Agreement is not dependent  on any particular tax characterization of any  payment made hereunder. All Parties agree to consult with a tax specialist in order to determine their own responsibilities and duties. In  addition, it is  hereby understood  that Donor is  not considered to be an employee of any of the Parties.





A.        Entire Agreement          This written Agreement is the entire agreement among the Parties.    No other promises, representations, inducements, understandings, contracts, agreements,  or  commitments, written  or oral, exist among the Parties. In addition, the Parties declare that the terms of this Agreement  are  contractual and  not  mere  recitals. This Agreement applies to,  inures to the benefit of, and  binds all Parties hereto, their heirs, legatees, devisees, administrators,  executors,  successors  and assigns.


B.         Amendment      This Agreement shall only be amended by  a written agreement signed by the Party(ies) to be bound.


C.        Severability       If any part of  this Agreement  is found  by a  court of competent jurisdiction to be  void or unenforceable, the remaining sections of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.


D.        Counterparts    It is understood  and agreed  that this Agreement  may be signed  in several  counterparts, each of  which shall  be deemed to  be an original,  although  each  may  be differently  formatted,  with  different pagination, due  to email or  facsimile formatting, but all  of which taken together shall constitute one and the same document.


E.         Original and Copies      Upon execution of  this Agreement,  the original counterparts for  all Parties shall be  maintained by the Intended Parents, with copies given to Donor.


F.         Time is of the Essence   Time is  of the  essence of  this Agreement.


G.        Effect of Captions         The captions are for  the convenience of the Parties only and  are not meant to limit the context  or content of the paragraphs.





A.        The Parties  assert  that they  have not  engaged  in high  risk sexual intercourse or other high  risk activities, including intravenous drug use, promiscuous  homosexual  activity, or  prostitution  since  they have  been tested for sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.


B.         Intended Parents agree  to remain  monogamous with the  spouse/partner named herein  from  the  date  of testing  through the period of embryo transfer to Intended Mothers’ uterus and/or Surrogate’s uterus.  Donor agrees to refrain  from any  conduct where  the transmittal of  a sexually transmitted disease could occur except for as listed in Sections 2C and 3C.





A.        The Parties declare, warrant, and represent this Agreement is the entire Agreement  and  understanding between  the  Parties;  that no  inducements, promises,  understandings, or  agreements not  contained in  this agreement have been  made to  them; and that  all the terms  and conditions contained herein  are  contractual.  Prior  warranties, representations,  agreements, understandings, contracts, and other  commitments, whether written or oral, are either waived by  the Parties herein or are merged into this Agreement.


B.         This Agreement  applies to,  inures to  the benefit  of, and  binds all Parties  hereto,  including  their  heirs,  administrators,  executors  and successors.


C.        The Parties declare,  warrant, and  represent that they  have carefully read, reviewed,  and understand all terms  and conditions of this Agreement and that they agree  to be bound by all the terms and conditions herein, as evidenced  by  their signature  hereto,  and have  executed this  Agreement freely and without undue influence or duress.


D.        It is the express intent of the Parties and a material  term of this Agreement that this Agreement shall be governed by,  construed, and  enforced in accordance  with the laws  of the state of California, United States of America.


E.         All Parties declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of California and the state of their residence  that the foregoing,  and  any other  information personally  known to  the  Parties, and  provided  to each  other is  true, correct, and complete.


F.         We each separately declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of California that the foregoing, and any other information personally known to the Parties, and provided to each other is true, correct, and complete.



“Donor”                                                                       “Intended Mother”



________________________________                    ___________________________________             


Date:____________________________                    Date:_______________________________




                                                                                    “Intended Father”