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Hi you all!……continueà to edisonchen is closed.


This site has not been updated for at least two years. The first reason that I haven’t updated this site was that my html sucked, this was actually my first site..hehe….the second reason  was that I didn’t had any time to update. There are a lot of other Edison sites you guys can visit that is still updating!    


My html skills are better now so I made a new site, but this site is about Nicholas Tse and not Edison Chen.


Im now having a site about Nicholas Tse, take a look here if you want to know more about him or just to take a look!:P


VISITVISIT  Loving Nicholas Tse


Click on this banner :


This site contains:


profile, news, gallery, discography, filmography, downloads ++







Well, maybe one day I will open this site again..hahha…but in the meanwhile have fun visiting these sites!


These are sites of Edison that still works:




(Edison Chen Plus+)


::::: Sweet Hei Hei :::::


Chen Kwoon Hei


Guestbook that Ed leaves his MSGs               (I think ed still leaves MSGs here! So take a look! ! maybe u’ll find his msg here)


Official website