Edit-X is meant to edit/remove your Eudora X-Sender & X-Mailer headers.

There are a couple of things you have to know about this program:
- place it in the Eudora directory (where EUDORA.EXE is)
- the program is editing the file(s): EUDORA16.DLL and/or EUDORA32.DLL
- you only have to edit your headers once. You will not have to run any program each time you start Eudora.
- it automatically creates a backup file: EUDORA16.ORI and/or EUDORA32.ORI this/these file(s) is/are used by the program and must not be deleted.
- if you think you have to backup files, do it with: EUDORA16.DLL and/or EUDORA32.DLL

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- Questions/answers to put in the FAQ.
- etc...



*** FAQ ***

Q: Where should I place the program ?
A: Move it to the directory where you find the file EUDORA.EXE

Q: How do I start Edit-X ?
A: Use the Windows Explorer or "My Computer" or any file manager, and move to the directory of Eudora. Double click on EDIT-X.EXE

Q: In Edit-X, all the field displayed are marked "Unavailable", why ?
A: Edit-X doesn't find the original file(s) of Eudora,
1. Exit Edit-X and restart it. In most cases it solves the problem.
2. The files named *.ORI where deleted. Unless you re-install Eudora over the previous installation, you won't be able to change the headers.
3. Edit-X is not started in the correct directory. Exit the program, search for the file EUDORA.EXE and move EDIT-X in the same directory.

Q: Windows is stopping Edit-X without allowing to make some changes.
A: Verify that Eudora is shut down.
Try rebooting Windows. If the problem persists after rebooting, restart your computer in DOS mode and start Edit-X.

Q: Should I get a newer version of Edit-X for the last version of Eudora ?
A: Edit-X has been tested successfully with Eudora Pro versions:
3.0.3 (16&32), 3.0.5 (16&32), 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2, 4.1.
It has not been tested, but should also work with Eudora Light.

Q: I'm done with the changes, can I delete the files EUDORA32.ORI (and/or EUDORA16.ORI) and EDIT-X.EXE ?
A: Yes, but be aware that doing so will prevent Edit-X from further editing.

Q: What format rules do I have to follow when I write the headers ?
Q: After sending myself an email, the headers don't look the way it should.
A: The header MUST be like this:
[HeaderName: [AnyText]]
[], this text is optional
HeaderName, if present, must not contain any space and must be followed
directly by ":"
AnyText, can contain any alphanumeric value

Q: How do I get rid of "X-Sender:" ?
A: Remove ALL the letters from the corresponding field. CTRL+Y over a highlighted field, will do this for you.

Q: How do I restore the default value of a header ?
A: Highlight the field and press F3

Q: What is the meaning of the text "%s"
A: It's a formatting command used within Eudora when it write the header in the outgoing mail.
In "X-Sender: %s" , %s is replaced by your pop account.
In "X-Mailer: ... %s" , %s is replaced by the version's number of Eudora.

Q: What will happen if I remove the text "%s" ?
A: The corresponding text (see above) will not be inserted by Eudora.

Q: I don't have enough place in the field to place all the text I need.
A: Erase the header (see above).
Edit the file EUDORA.INI and in the section [Settings] (or any [Persona-X] section) add the string:
ExtraHeaders=HeaderName: AnyText

For more info, please refer to the Eudora help file. (search for "eudora.ini" or "settings")


- Edit-X has been used under Windows NT 4 (SP3) dual Pentium Pro.
But it is a known problem, that, sometimes, it doesn't work properly under NT.

- A good solution to check if the changes took effect the way you wanted, is to send yourself an email.