JABS Softball - Summer 2001
Last week's recap:

7/24 -
Elite 16 - JABS 6

Not sure about this score; was too pissed off to pay much attention.  We had to start the game with eight players and ended up playing with only nine.  We kept it close for most of the game but gave up a bunch of runs in the last two innings

:  Despite being a man short, Steve, Forrest and Sheldon played solid outfield the whole game.  Jason made a couple of his patented short outfield popup catches.

Offense:  Not much to report here.  After scoring five or so in the first with two outs, our bats were stone cold for the rest of the game.  Marcus tripled (!) and Brett began showing signs of breaking out of a long slump with three hits.

Latest and Greatest

Mark your calendars tentatively for our end-of-season BBQ following our final regular-season game on
September 25th.  Still have to check with Jim to make sure the brewery is available that day.  Playoffs are on October 2nd.
JABS Softball is back!

We've all had a nice break, and we're ready to play ball again.  JABS accomplished its Spring goal of returning strong and winning our first playoff game in our history.  That's right, after five straight one-and-out playoff games this Spring we finally played in the championship game.  Had our chances too, but eventually lost in the final innings.  Still, we proved to ourselves that we deserve to be there and can play with anybody.  After our first playoff success we're ready for more this summer

What's new?

With the unfortunate demise of Webvan, we lost
Mark Roe from the team as he's taken a new job far from Foster City.  (It still remains to be seen whether this development portends the return of the Williams Brothers from Vegas)  With only twelve men on the roster we're very vulnerable to player shortages, especially this summer season when *somebody* will always be on vacation.  We're happy to welcome Jeff Markowitz to the team this season, although now we won't be able to refer to the group from San Bruno collectively as the "GAP Girls".  At least for a few weeks.

While I was in Hawaii for the first two weeks of the season we were able to split those games.  There are two new teams in the league this season, bringing us to a total of seven; this extends the season another week and unfortunately gives us two byes in the season.  Although I doubt we'll ever have everybody on the team showing for any one game together this season due to vacations/weddings/etc., I still expect that we'll be a strong contender.

Game Schedule

7/10 - 8:40pm
Let It Ride def. JABS

7/17 - 6:30pm
JABS def. FC Athletic Club

7/24 - 8:40pm
Elite 16 - JABS 6

7/31 - 7:35pm
Udogs @ JABS

8/7 - BYE

8/14 - 6:30pm
JABS @ X-Stars

8/21 - 7:35pm
JABS @ Killer Bees

8/28 - 6:30pm
Let It Ride @ JABS

9/4 - BYE

9/11 - 6:30pm
JABS @ Elite
9/18 - 7:35pm
JABS @ Udogs

9/25 - 6:30pm
JABS @ FC Athletic Club
*Post-game BBQ Tentative*

10/2 - Playoffs

*Home team assumes 1st base dugout
All games are played at Edgewater Field, Foster City.
Directions from US 101:
Take Hillsdale Blvd. East for 1/2 mile
Make a right at Altair Ave.
Go 1/2 block and keep right at fork to Polaris Ave.
Follow Polaris 1/4 mile to field
Yahoo Map:
Contact Ed:
(415)973-8708 (W)
(650)296-2933 (Work Cell)
(650)766-5115 (Cell)
(650)637-1817 (H)