Hi, this is a web page dedicated to my hobby.  I have been attracted to photography for many years.  Whenever I come to an interesting scenarios, people or things, I would not hesitate to record it on film.  I would like to share them here with my friends and family.

Recently, digital photography has become the choice for many professionals because of it's low maintenance cost and ease of photo management.  So I am also catching the digital bandwagon and put up some digital pictures here.  All the pictures in the general gallery are taken with my Nikon 950 digital camera.  Portraits are done with my Nikon F90x film camera.

07/21/01 - I have put up pictures of some wild life in the Lincoln Park Zoo Gallery.  These were done with my Nikon D1 digital camera.  I am going to sell it soon as I can't afford to keep it =). 

All of my images will fit on a 1024x768 resolution screen.

Portraits - Flora
Portraits - Vicky
Lincoln Park Zoo
Abstract Digital Images
My equipments
Resume for Employers


* all pictures shown on the site are taken by myself unless otherwise stated.  These images are not copyrighted, but if you wish to use them for any purpose other then viewing, please notify me.  Thanks.

Contact me:  edmondchor@hotmail.com