The Edmonton Goddess       (aka Teresa)
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Hey!  About me, welllllllllll
I am a divorced, but single mother of a young boy who describes terrible twos perfectly.  I am a non-smoker, social drinker, and am looking to meet new Edmontonians!  I folk fest yearly, play board games, like green kool-aide and hate housework.  I am 27, employed; educated and self-confident about pretty much everything I tackle!
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Things I like to do: 
Board games - scrabble, monopoly, yatzee, cards, risk, etc.. .

I am currently teaching myself to sew - very interesting. So far, I have made my Halloween costume and a couple skirts.

I enjoy bike riding, swimming and camping (if I can ever get out to go camping!!), I used to waterski, would like to learn to scuba dive and some day I want to take holidays outside the country!  Someplace warm.

I love dancing, and all types of music. I listen to Leonard Cohen, Ace of Base, Alice Cooper, Celtic, Folk, Jazz, Instrumental, you name it and i'll listen. 

Spending adult time with that special someone, enjoying each others company, giving and getting support, help with the dishes man!

I live with my two-year-old son his name is Omar. 
Currently his goals are to wreck everything in the house, especially if it is expensive or important.  He enjoys driving me insane, dumping sand onto the freshly vacuumed carpet, spilling bright colored juice wherever possible and staying up as late as humanly possible ;even when in bed at 8pm.

I am he oldest of four. One brother and two sisters.
I have an 18-year-old brother, his goals is to get laid as often as possible and drink beer! Go figure.  He is really good at computer stuff and video games.  His long-term goal is to marry a beautiful woman that can cook clean and idealize him.

My first sister is 17 and lives on her own, very smart and ambitious I think she must have been switched at birth!  He goals are to help my son drive me insane by feeding him lots of sugar and keeping him up too late whenever she baby-sits.

My youngest sister, 14,is the kind of kid I would beat up in junior high school!  Really, I am not just saying that.  She is a very smart and beautiful girl, but never thinks for herself and is tooooo worried about her clothing to care about anyone else in life.  It'll pass and one day she'll be normal, I hope.

My parents are very young; my mom 43 and my dad 44.   They are divorced and stuck in their ways.  I talk to them regularly and often visit as they live close.  Both PROUD Grandparents spoil my son and love it!

I have way to many fish; I own goldfish but I think that they think they are guppies for amount of babies they have.


I am very choosing about whom I classify as friends.  I have numerous acquaintances but few friends.  Friends are those who stick by you through the tough times as well as the good times.  I find many people can't stand up to the trials of my single mother hood life, so they become acquaintances instead of friends.  In my life I love hard and it takes a lot to break into that area, but once you are their, I will stand beside you for anything!