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(All text © 1996-1997 by Anthony D. Adams)

The New Wizard

A Short Story Written by: Anthony D. Adams

(The New Wizard ©1997 by Anthony D. Adams)



My name is Jacob and I am writing this journal because I really need to get some things off my chest; but I can't really talk about what happened because I don't think anyone would believe it. I hope someone will someday read this and understand how my life was changed forever. The first few entries I have made were done from memory, because I was too confused and upset to start this journal immediately. Let me start by saying that I am alone in the world. My family is gone and my wife Sara died in a car accident two years ago. I can still hardly bear her loss. About twelve months ago an old man named George Wisord bought the house next to mine. He was a small very thin old man with white hair and a well-trimmed white beard. He vaguely reminded me of someone but I wasn't quite sure who. He seemed to be very energetic and friendly. Over the next few months I slowly became friends with him. I often helped him with minor jobs that he was to old too do, and once in a while I would drive him to the store or the mall.

Well one day, he asked me to come over, he said he needed some help. So I stopped by after work and he apparently needed to have several screws tightened on a kitchen cabinet. I thought this was strange because he could have done it himself; but I went ahead and tightened them up. He asked if I wanted some tea and I accepted and sat down at the table. After drinking the tea I suddenly felt my arms and legs get heavy and within seconds I couldn't move them. In a frantic voice I screamed for George to help me and he said nothing was wrong and he had something to tell me. I was almost in shock at my condition when he started to say, ``I am a wizard. It's not just my name; it's also my occupation. You see, I am 1283 years old and it is time for me to turn over my duties to a young wizard. I just didn't move next to you by accident. I looked for you. Over the last year I have carefully watched everything you have done and I have found you to be a good hearted and generous man. Because of this, I have selected you to be my replacement.''

``What the hells wrong with you? Are you nuts? Let me go,'' I shrieked.

``No, I am afraid I can't. I know you think I'm crazy but you have no choice in this matter.''

With my great verbal protest George cut my shirt off and he took my arms and crossed them in the form of an X on the table. I was scared that he was about to kill me, but he then sat across from me and started to mumble some chant and suddenly there was a flash and he was wearing a bright golden robe. I then realized whom he reminded me of, a WIZARD from fantasy books. He then looked at me and started another chant. This time small sparkling lights started to form around him and then they spread to me, creating an arched channel between us. Suddenly, I felt light-headed and then a powerful bolt of energy hit me in the chest. The pain was unbearable and I lost consciousness. When I awoke I was laying on George's couch with a new shirt on and covered with a blanket; but I was still unable to move. I was frightened out of my wits. I figured I probably was going to be killed. My life had just changed forever and I didn't even know what had happened. George then came in and we had a conversation that I will never forget.

``So you're awake, are you?''

``What the hell is going on George? What have you done to me?''

``Well, I have turned you into the most powerful wizard in three galaxies.''

``George you're insane.''

``It's possible, but I wouldn't count on it. You are now a king wizard and your job is to help the beings of the local three galaxies. You have immense power that you can't really control yet, but it won't be long.''

``George let me go you're senile.''

``Well, I'll let you go after I tell you a little history of your new power. You might as well listen to me. It's going to take a couple of more hours for you to get your movement back.''

``Obviously I have no choice in the matter.''

``That's true. Well, let's see, it was 2334 years ago when the first wizard was born. He was given his power at birth by whom you term as god or the supreme power in our universe. His name was Ussural and his job was to manage the disputes between peoples and to keep the peace in the surrounding three galaxies. He lived two hundred and one years. He did quite a good job, and he discovered the power increased as he used it. When he became too old to do the job he turned the power over to his successor, just as I've done with you. He had managed to increase the magical power by two fold. The new wizard, Tomigan, lived some 357 years. He wasn't quite as good as Ussural but he did OK. The next wizard, Soulandra, received a three and a half-fold power increase and lived 493 years. He was the best of the three and managed to provide true peace in many disputes. Then it was my turn. I received a six fold power increase and as I mentioned before I am 1283 years old. I think you can see as the power increases so does the wizards life span. I gave you a nineteen fold increase in power and I don't know how long you will live.''

``George, that is a nice story but you have to release me from this drug. You're in very serious trouble. I even had hallucinations, I have to go to a doctor and find out what this stuff did to me.''

``You'll never need a doctor again. The drugs will wear off in two hours and in that time I'm going to tell you about the powers you have and your responsibilities.''

Over the next several hours George told me I could manipulate matter and energy to do anything I wished. He told me I would travel from place to place by moving through the fourth dimension. He explained this by talking about an atom. According to George the electrons that circle an atom, similar to planets circling our sun, move from one orbit to another without moving through time or space. They simply disappear and reappear in another location. The electrons apparently go into a fourth dimension and then return to our dimension in another location, but at the same point in time. He said I could do the same thing and in essence be anywhere I wished in a blink of an eye.

He also described my duties. I was to watch for trouble spots in the this sector of space, and when they occurred I would use as much force as needed to correct the problems. I was to correct the problems in such a way as to cause the fewest injuries and deaths to the peoples involved and the least disruption to the surrounding area and cultures. After listening to this diatribe for over two hours I finally said,

``If what you say is true I'll simply do nothing.''

``No, I am afraid that won't work. Your new power, and the fact that you are a good man with an unusually strong conscience won't allow you to permit billions of lives to be destroyed because you simply refuse to act.''

Then I said I would transfer the power to someone else. George told me that I could only transfer the power when I was too old to do my job and that was hundreds of years from now. At that point I began to recover control of my body and as soon as I could, I ran out of that house. George made no attempt to stop me, but, he said to come back when I was ready.


When I got home it was after midnight and I was totally exhausted and starving. I could hardly move so I sat down at the kitchen table and I started to think about a sandwich. Suddenly the frig door opened and the salami came floating out. The breadbox opened and the bread started to unwrap itself. At the same time the cabinet opened and a plate floated to the kitchen table. I was scared out of my mind and I jumped up and proceeded to stumble over one of the other chairs. I was on the floor with a sandwich being put together on the table above me. After I got up, I reasoned to myself that it was a hallucination from the drugs George gave me. I thought about calling 911 to get the police and paramedics to come, but every time I tried to go to the phone, but I was physically unable to make the call. I tried 8 times and finally gave up. I went back to the kitchen and ate the sandwich. I then struggled to my bed and collapsed onto it. The next morning when I woke up I felt great. I thought maybe it was just a bad dream, but when I went into the kitchen there were no dishes, just a clean table. I went into the bathroom to take a shower, the water was already on, and the washcloth was hanging in midair waiting for me to take it. I couldn't handle it anymore so I went to call my doctor. Again, my body would not allow me to make the call, just as the night before. I gave up, took my shower, and then went to see George.

George proceeded to tell me that the things I saw were due to my mind using the power I now had. I needed to control its use and that would take practice and time. I finally conceded to the reality that I was now a wizard and could not escape my fate. I needed George to teach me how to use and control my new power. I realized my life had forever changed.

DAY 3:

I phoned my boss today and told him I was quite ill and would not be in for several weeks. He was quite angry because I had not called in for two days. We got into an argument and I quit. George said not to worry about the job; he had fifty million dollars that he had already passed to me through bank accounts. He gave me the account numbers and I checked. I was very wealthy.

DAY 37:

George has been teaching me about my power for over a month now and I realize that it is beyond my wildest imagination. He makes me control small things. George says the smaller the object I control, the more I learn. I started by simply moving a pencil around without touching it. I then started writing with it from across the room. I now write this journal without touching the pen or paper. I have even gotten to the point at which I can thread a needle from ten feet away. I have learned I must be extremely careful using this power. It seems that killing a being would be very easy. In fact, it could happen by accident. I wish Sara were here with me I know she could help with this.

DAY 51:

Today I had a very bad experience that taught me how dangerous these new powers of mine are. I was in a convenience store a few blocks away from my house getting one of those flavored ice cups. I really have a weakness for those things. Well, anyway, while I was standing there two large hooded men came into the store. One pulled out a sawed off shotgun and the other had a rather large pistol. I know little or nothing about guns so I had no idea what kind of damage they could do. The man with the pistol pointed it at me and said ``Lift those hands''. The other man with the shotgun moved to the counter and demanded money from the small black girl behind it. She gave them all she had. The man with the shotgun then said, ``That's not enough,'' and reached behind the counter grabbing the girl by the shirt, ripping it open, exposing her bare breasts. I unconsciously moved to help the girl, and the man with the pistol fired. I stuck out my hand and the bullet stopped in midair, about two feet away. It just hung in the air. The man was as surprised as I was. In panic, he fired four or five more shoots. They all did the same thing. The other man then fired the shotgun at me and all the small pellets joined the bullets in the air. I could see through the lead hanging in the air. The two men were grabbing for the girl. I then thought I should stop them and suddenly a burst of power came from me and blew both men through the large glass window to the side of the counter. The girl was terrified and I had to do something.

I concentrated on her and told her mentally everything was all right I then put a simple explanation in her mind that three large truckers were in the store when the two men came in and they threw them through the window. Then they left to avoid being entangled with the police. I then fixed her shirt with my magic and I put a mental command in her mind to dial 911,but only when I told her to. I had the lead that was hanging in the air ball up and I put it in my pocket. As I left, I found the two men unconscious, but alive. I put the same explanation in their minds. I got into my car and drove to the street. As I turned onto the street, I gave the girl the mental command to call 911. That night I heard that the police were looking for three black truckers that were heroes. The girl had embellished the story I gave quite a bit.

I told George about the incident. He said that I need to control my power or I would give myself away or kill someone unintentionally. He did like the story I gave to the girl. He said the human mind has an incredible ability to fill in unknown facts around a simple story.

DAY 52

Yesterday I almost killed two men. It didn't sink in until this morning. I have never harmed any person in my life. I now realize that the first time I used my new powers, I nearly killed two people. I am very depressed and quite disgusted with what I did. I guess I didn't realize until now that this will happen again and I will have to deal with these feelings over and over. I suppose I have no choice in the matter. I must deal with my basic aversion to harming others.

DAY 103:

I now have full control of my powers and today I went on my first job. I was watching the news when the reporter started to talk about a terrorist group. I suddenly had a feeling that this group was about to kill thousands of people. I told George and he said I must investigate this. So I stepped into the fourth dimension and George came with me to see how I did. I seemed to sense where to step out. We appeared in the top of a warehouse on a small set of stairs. Looking down we could see seven men and a three-foot long cylinder sitting on top of a box. Even though they were speaking some language, I never heard before I could understand them. They were trying to decide where to blow up this nuclear bomb. I thought for a few moments and decided on a course of action.

I first levitated myself to a point above the bomb. I then made myself glow a bright white. The men below pointed their guns at me and started to fire. I said to them that I was a messenger and came to stop them from harming other people. I then disintegrated the bomb with a bolt of lighting and I branded each one of the men on the chest with a circle. Then I gave them each a mental command that if they ever even thought of hurting another person that the brand would give them so much pain that they would actually become unconscious and if they persisted they would die. They would in effect kill themselves. I then told them this verbally. One of the men pointed his gun at me and he instantly collapsed under his pain. I then stepped back into the fourth dimension and reappeared on a step next to George. ``Very good. You stopped them without killing anyone. I think I picked the right replacement.''

I now see that my life will be a long series of such episodes all over the three surrounding galaxies. I still have a hard time seeing the future without the company of my wife. I miss her so.

DAY 130 through 140:

Over the past ten days George has been taking me on a tour of the galaxies I'm to take care of. I have seen worlds of unbelievable beauty and others with incredible devastation. After seeing all this, I now know that earth is truly unique. George did show me a world that had no animal life but an abundance of plant life. It was truly a paradise. He had erected a small cabin on a particularly enchanting spot. He told me that this was now my vacation cabin. He said he came here to rest and generally take time for himself after an unusually difficult problem. It was now mine to use.

George said this would be the last trip he would make with me. He thought he would live another hundred years or so, but it was time for him to rest. He said I could come and talk to him if I had any problem or needed someone to talk to. At that point I realized I was on my own. I know most people would think this exciting and an incredibly lucky thing. After all, to live for who knows how long and to have virtually unlimited power was unusual to say the least. I did not feel this way. I saw years of difficult decisions and loneliness. Perhaps I will begin to enjoy it after a while. George did. Well at least I hope I do.

I plan to keep on writing in this journal and hopefully it will help the person I turn the power over to. I can't imagine how many entries I will make, but it should be interesting reading. Yes, very interesting.


All text © 1996-1997 by Anthony D. Adams.