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The Dragon Healer

ISBN: 059513484X

Written By A.D. Adams

"The Dragon  Healer" is a new fantasy about the life of Terra, the human who's fate is tied  to the Dragon World of Tone's future. Many seasons ago, a great wizard started a  war that drove the humans to the misty valleys along the coast. Terra was the  first male born with the magic of healing for hundreds of sets of seasons. He is  the hope of the world, even though few know of his existence. As a child he was  taken from his family and was raised by the great coastal dragons. Only the  dragons and a few others that have been awaiting his birth know of him and his  powers. Even they have no idea of the enormous capabilities he possesses. Terra  and his dragon Fienna, whom he loved above all others, must save themselves from  the dangers of outside powers that would either control or destroy them. Not  least of these powers is the Black Solan, an insane witch bent upon their  destruction. The two must survive as well as build a life together in a world of  unknown enemies.