Eric Drake: I Love being me!
Hi, I was born In September of 1972 in a small town 200 miles north of the American border called Prince George British Columbia.  It being 1972, I wonder what my parents could have been doing there.  Now adays, I work as a computer geek for the Ohio State University, and have a wife, car, house, and 2 cats. 

I have several normal hobbies like photography, biking, wood carving, amongst others, but I also have hobbies I don't list on my resume.  I am a homebrewer.  I like to make mostly mead, but I also venture into an occasional beer.  Beer makes a good present for weddings and birthdays, especially if there is a party to serve it at. 

My second non-resume-able hobby is the general purpose of this web page.  I am a bodypainter.  I like to paint  on people.  Most of my friends think it is great, wheter it be because they find it fun, and want to do it too, or that they just like to gawk at what I have done, and live vicariously through my eyes.

If you would like to mail me regarding my painting, you may do so:

drake.49 (at)
This is me at work dressed for Halloween 2000
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