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  Hello, I'm Andrew. I run this web site of sorts. As of 29th January 2003, this main page has been laid out again. So for all of you who thought the main page loaded in too slowly and was packed with too much information, this should be better.

There's information inside on the Internet, new media and technology.

I live in England, and work at a very large telephone call centre, answering technical support queries. My hobbies are making home-brewed beer, messing about with this web site and watching American football and sumo wrestling (whenever either is broadcast!) on television. I also like reading comics and books.

I have included some useful pages on this site of mine, especially some which focus on what you can do on the web, such as Java programs.

If you sign my guestbook, then I'll visit your site and sign your guestbook.

You can contact me via e-mail at

There's one thing to get out of the way first: work stuff... The links below are real links, but there's much more entertaining stuff elsewhere on my site!

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