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The links are to stories that I have written over the years, some of which have never been published until now. In the past most of my stories have related mostly to amputees. Some of these stories feature young women with other limitations. Just click on the title to enjoy them.

April's Trouble

April, who is blind without her glasses, starts the day by loosing them thereby starting a series of events that prove to be very disturbing for her. The story is set in the 1950ís when cataract surgery meant thick and heavy glasses for any hope of vision. .


Barb had been house bound with Dave for several days and needed some space. He takes her crutches and makes her hop into the bedroom to get her prosthetic leg. She decides to ride her horse Blaze.

Blind Trust

Sandra who was blinded by a laser finds herself with a mysterious package that was left for her to mail. By the story that was told her by the police officer she deducted what the contents of the package may be. Even though she is totally blind she decides to take a trip by herself.


Mary Beth is the owner of the local cafť in a small town where everyone knows everyone else. She is harassed by some of her patrons about her thick glasses. Later that evening she discusses the events of the day and her vision problems with her boyfriend.


Donna and John are fighting about her new will that excludes him from her fortune when they have a serious traffic accident. Donna is not expected to live and John makes some decisions from which he hopes to profit. To his shock she survives and now must live with the consequences of his decisions

Judy at the Cabin

Judy oversleeps and decides not to use her braces and crutches to work. Instead Judy, paralyzed by a gunshot wound to the spine, opts for her wheelchair. While at work she learns that she has an admirer who has been watching her intently.

The Guest

Jack Foster was returning to his secluded home in the mountains. He meets Mindy crutching down the gravel road near his house. The glint from her leg braces show in his headlights. Her van has left the road and he offers assistance. They find they have a lot in common.

The Lawyer

Fred notices a young woman in a wheelchair as he boarded his plane. He meets Toni at baggage claim where he retrieves her bag for her. As she wheels herself away, he wonders if heíll ever see her again.

The Tones

Cindy who was a firefighter and now is a double arm amputee is occupying a house with her friend who is still a firefighter. Her friends' alerting radio is activated by the tones and she responds to a major fire. Cindy manages to dress herself and walks toward the fire to get a better view and meets up with her ex-boyfriend.

The Trip

Bob and Samantha decided to ride his motorcycle to the big bike rally at Sturgis. San was unhappy about it but Bob liked to open his throttle. He did not see the truck pulling across the road. A bad accident occurred. Stories recap

The Courier

Bob is intrigued by lady seated next to him as she uses her prosthetic hooks. Dawn befriends her fellow traveler and they plan on meeting once her business is concluded. Bob thinks he has been stood up when Dawn appears to begin thier adventure.

Knock On The Door

Sam Jackson is watching the late news. Outside it is stormy when he hears a loud knocking on his door. Sam answers his door to find a woman with a gunshot wound.


Dave has hiked into his remote cabin and is settling in for the winter. He was preparing to work his mine during the winter. He was readying himself for work when he heard a low flying aircraft and witnessed itís crash.

The First Mate

This is a story about a man and woman meeting in the bar at the marina. She has recently moved to the area to start a new life. They decide to take his sailboat out for a ride. She is suddenly fulfilling her dreams of sailing in spite of her new limitations.

The Last Hunt

A story about a DSD living in the wilds of the north. Her husband has been killed and she is recapping their life together as she prepares to move out of the home they carved out of the wilderness.

The Federal Protection Program

Stephanie once thought she had a good marriage until she realized the depth of her husbands involvement with organized crime. When she testifies against her husband and the family she becomes a hunted woman.

The New Job

Sue had gotten carried away at the bar the night before. John was having problems getting up to go to work. They were both working on a construction site when the accident happened.

New Shapes

Two teens discover computer fun of doing electronic surgery on themselves as well as pretending to be an amputee. The two of them have a busy summer and make a fateful decision.

Stacie and Lori

Stacy decides not to get up for work. She decides to go to the beach instead. The traffic accident that occurs starts a series of events that will change two lives.

The Big Island

Dave is badly in need of a vacation. He escapes a cold Midwest winter to the warmth of the Islands. He is still in the airport when he first encounters Helen. Little does he expect how drastically his life will be changed

The Roommate

This is my first story that was published, by the Wizard. It is written from the perspective of both roommates. Arleen has problems with her thick glasses. Cindy has problems of her own.

The Class Reunion

Frank was on his way to his class reunion. On his way he stops for a night along the beach. While checking in he encounters one of his classmates and notices a change in her appearance.

The Cowgirl

Josey owns the ranch now that her mom has died. A cattle drive has been organized to move the herd to the summer pasture. She decided to ride a new horse and has an unplanned adventure.


Donna is the new break-man on the train crew. An overnight trip is scheduled and Donna works hard at fitting in. (Note: This story is now complete)

The Getaway

Suzzie is bored with her life of hiding from the law. She pleaded with John to let her participate in next job. He decides to take her out for the evening and decides that she no longer wants to rob banks especially after she is hospitalized.

The Hike

Jodi and Bob plan a hike for the long weekend. Jodiís idea of a good time is being pampered in a four star resort, not sleeping in a tent. She doesn't want to go, but wants to be with him.

The Pass

Frank has been stationed near the big city while he attends his military schooling. Frank is granted his first weekend pass. When he goes to the big city his adventure starts when he meets Holly.

The Date

John invites Bobbie out on a date. They decide to go up to his secluded cabin at the lake. Seclusion does have its rewards and consequences as well.

Fantasy Come True

Brad takes a winter vacation to a much warmer place. He meets Ann, a woman that has most of the traits heís been looking for. All to soon he has to leave.


Don invites Gale out to dinner. Gale as usual wore her contacts rather than her thick glasses. During their meal Gale becomes ill and has problems.


The Retirees

The Partners

A story in three parts. Read the stories in order to maintain continuity.
Bob and Brenda both work for "The Company." Bob has always liked her but has never had the courage to ask her for a date. Brenda is "different" now and he is still unsure of himself.

The Customer

Sam was working his normal Wednesday night shift. A storm was setting in on the little bar in the middle of nowhere. Mary is left behind when her boyfriend starts a fight.

Secret Wish

Ann and Brad are driving to a family reunion when they stop for a beer. They are both intrigued by the one armed bartender. The conversation reveals Annís secret wish to become and amputee. They are in for a surprise once they reach their destination.

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