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Rationale or "What's my motivation?"
Curriculum standards, technology AND accomodations for special needs!  That's a lot!  Why can't I just keep doing what I've been doing?
"Our education system is simply not preparing students for the modern workforce, and you are already seeing the results. The technological advances of the past decade have created challenges for our education system, but also opportunities - not just for our schools, but for individual students as well."
The workforce is changing, and we need to change with it. When two-thirds of people with disabilities are unemployed, and students are not graduating with workplace competence, it's time to look at teaching methods that can equip ALL of our students with the skills they need.  Teaching through technology can provide both a powerful tool for teaching today, and opportunities for the future.
"Less than one-third of people with disabilities are in the labor force, and less than one-quarter are working full-time. Fully two-thirds of working-age people with disabilities are not in the labor force."
The Census Bureau reports:
Because the times, they are a' changing!
In 2001, U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige stated:
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