Blue Light
Soft Dreaming Blues

You've reached Traveling Ed Teja's musical world. It's an eccelectic world of jazz, rock, folk, R&B, and whatever comes to mind. It's a songwriter's world.

Ed Teja's music can be heard on internationally released CD's and in film and TV including the Discovery Health Channel.
 He has over 25 years experience writing and performing music. His music studies include attending jazz workshops taught by Howard Roberts in Los Angeles, classes at Dick Grove's Music Workshop, and studying jazz from legendary cellist and pianist Fred Katz.

His focus these days in on writing songs for other artists and music libraries. Writing songs that take advantage of an artist's unique strengths is an exciting challenge, so if you need a song, just hit the contact button to discuss your needs. He is also doing music for promotional videos. Check out the video link to see if that could help you promote yourself.
These are the most recent albums. Click on the image to hear samples.
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