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This site could be called a "2.0 of Corvus corax," but more accurately it is a web portal to my current active webpages. Magpie is the result of some well-needed introspection that made me realize that I need to address and either destroy or come to terms with any aspects of my self that I am not happy with or proud of. Part of this journey naturally involved eliminating old websites containing artwork, writing, and blogs  from painful or confused times that no longer reflect who I am and strive to be. Last Updated: 7/31/08 - New Blog Added
My facebook account, with general personal information, photos, blogs, groups, etc. I will only add people I know, so if I wouldn't recognize your name, please message me stating how I know you.
My account, with invertebrate photography, blogs, social networking groups, and a few caresheets I've written.
My blog with rants and reflections on current events pertinent to animals. There is a mature content warning due to the possibility ot graphic images or descriptions, but nothing "nsfw."
My rescue blog, featuring various past and present rescues. Every entry, an animal's story is added then used to educate about a greater issue concerning companion animals and wildlife.
My DeviantART account, consisting of photography and the odd work of art. Primarily scenery, wildlife, and domesticated animals.
One of my two Best Friends Animal Society networks. ACS focuses on awareness and appreciation of invertebrates. To align with BFAS's ideology, this is a welfare, not rights, site.
One of my two Best Friends Animal Society networks. FoF focuses on fish welfare and conservation issues. To align with BFAS's ideology, this is a welfare, not rights, site. Also contains forums and a (almost never updated) rescue blog.
My multi-game text-based RPG board. Contains the games Gallop Free, Feral Civilization, Liberated!, and Canidae. Focuses on creative writing and animal semi-realism.
Stan's multi-game text based RPG board. Contains the games Contremps, Salmagundi, Tower plus the mini-games Maybe Mad, Dr. Circelli's, Ark (mine) and Infest (mine). Focuses on writing practice for aspiring authors and fantasy genre gaming.
My fiction writing blog. It consists of unpolished fiction writing ranging from a few sentences to short stories, any sub-genre. There is a mature content warning for occasional language or violence, but nothing too graphic or extreme.
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