The Power Of Education
I am here to help all people discover the personal power of education. I am in the process of developing this web page to bring educational goals to those who may think they can't take that path. The truth is, no one can pass up this kind of investment.
  Isn't it sad, that only 15-35% of America has a Bachelor's Degree or more. That is leaving a whole lot of Americans out, that shouldn't be. We have a very lucritive investment opportunity given to us by the Fedral Goverment, and you need little or nothing to invest in it. This investment is in YOURSELF.
  The average income of a highschool educated person in this country is some where between $22,780 and $31,477. If you have a Bachelor's Degree these numbers climb to between $36,559 and $51,405. People, that is a difference of roughly between $13,779 and $19,928. That is quite a chunk of change by anyones standards. I want to help you cash in on this awesome opportunity!
  There is a pile of information and financial support out there. Enough to make your dreams come true.I am here to help you and give you as much information as I can.
  Above, I stated the percentages of educated people in our country, and a brief annual earnings statement. What does this have to do with me? You may be asking this question, and I am prepared to answer as best I can.
  The information I included in the above paragraphs is the tip of the iceberg. Our government has set up a system that we can all flurish in, if we know how to use it. The government awards financial aid grants, (Pell Grant) based on need. The poverty level for a 4 person family in this country is between $26,000 and $48,000. With the income levels stated above that is staggering. There is way too much poverty in this country, and there is only one way out; education.
   The other types of Financial Aid the Government offers are low interest student loans(Stafford and Perkins) You DO NOT need "good credit " to recieve these loans. There are certain criteria for the Fedral Programs, that a huge number of Americans meet, but are not using. Chances are if you answer yes to either of these questions you qualify. Were you born before January, 1980? Are you married, or do you have any dependents? If you answered yes, to any of these questions, chances are you qualify for Fedral Financial Aid for College and much more.
   With the Financial Aid, you are eligible to recieve MORE money than is needed for books and tuition only. You are allowed money for living exspenses which you would incur if you were a "traditional" college student. By taking the maximum amount allowed on all fedral grants and loans available, your freshman year, this averages about $2,500 every semester or every 16 weeks. That is $156.25 per week while your in college. This may seem to good to be true but it isn't it only gets better.
  If you fall into the "povery" tax bracket, this allows you to be eligable for Fedral Work Study. Which is a job on campus that pays between $5.00-$7.00 and hour and is about 15 to 20 hours a week. Which adds up to $102.00 a week.
  Lets keep adding up the benefits shall we! Now, we have reached tuition and books paid, and $258.25 a week to earn an education that will last a life time. If that is not benefit enough for you, lets continue. I know that most people in this tax bracket live week to week, because I am one of them. That is how I KNOW this system works.
  All Student Aid monies are considered Title IV income, ehich means it can't be counted as "real" money. Here is what this means, this mean "on paper" you are only making $102.00 a week or $408.00 a month. Do you have any idae what kind of Welfare Benefits that enables you to?? Daycare assistance, which pays an average of 75%, heating assistance which pay about 40-60% Medical Assistance which pays between 50-100% and Food assistance which at this level is an alotment of around $400.00 a month for a family of four.
  Now, lets do some math. We have already established that with fincial aid and work we are generating $1033.00 a month, now add the food assistance, that brings us up to $1433.00 a month. Now if we figure daycare at $1.75 per hour, and you and your spouse are both working to live at poverty level you are paying an average of $140.00 a week fro child care. Now, if you are going to school the government will pick up 75%, which is $105.00, leaving you to pay only $35.00. There is money saved right there, but lets keep going. An average heating bill is probably $100.00 a month, half of that is paid. How can you loose? This is not to good to be true it is true!
  You might be thinking, "Loans, I don't want to pay back loans!" This is where it gets really good. The IRS and our Government has instituted education tax credit which average about $2500.00 a year per student. When you begin to repay your loans, you consolodate them so that all four years are in one lump, then you total borrowed is scaled against your annual gross income which determines your monthly payment on your student loans. Most monthly student loan payment are between $200.00 and $400.00 per month. This means with your loan payment and tax credit you are doing one of two things, actually paying back nothing, because it is returned to you in the form of a tax credit, or only paying back half of what you borrowed. How can you go wrong?
  There is nothing more important in this world that education! Being educated makes you more aware, of yourself, your family and your society. It allows you to open doors that are closed to the uneducated! Open yours today!! Visit the links listed on this web page. Visit your local Department of Social Services. These programs were designed to benefit us, all Americans cash in!! Don't feel guilty for using the system, that's what it was intended for to give us a leg up not a hand out! Besides, think of all of YOUR tax dollars that you have put into this system of ours. I think it time to invest in the biggest commdity, yourself! Good Luck
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"Only the educated are free." - Epictetus
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