*** Latest Update ***

*   I've made some changes to the news page you're reading now.
Also, I've added a couple of pictures of myself to the 'Pics n Info' section.

* I found some MIDI files I made years ago when I was 16 years of age.  They are inspired by the game Final Fantasy VII.  I'm aware they are not great but I made them using a mouse and a old MIDI sequencer.  Please go easy and enjoy:

Evil - Inspired by FFVII villan Sephiroth, this is my fave of the three, what do you think?

Melody - Think of Aries / Arieth dying when playing this.  It gets slower and slower as the heart beat ends!

Memories of Holy - If you've played FFVII the title speaks for itself.  If you haven't played FFVII then what are you waiting for?!  This is my least fave of the three.  Again, what do you think?

* I have changed the design again and also, the following new MIDI files have been uploaded:

Band MIDI :   Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother
Game MIDI : The Secret of Monkey Island - Main Theme
Monkey Island 2: Le Chucks Revenge - Main Theme
The Curse of Monkey Island - (several tracks)
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