Extra Edition F.A.Q.

What is the Extra Edition?
The "Extra Edition" is a fan-created newsletter for the 1996-2000 CBS television series "Early Edition." Editor-MP best describes it as "a short-lived but informative attempt to provide behind-the-scenes information for fans during Season 3."

Are there going to be any more issues?
No. The "Extra Edition" consists of only two issues - - September 1998 and October 1998. Due to Real Life obligations, the editors are unable to continue the newsletter beyond these two issues. :(

What's this about a Fan Festival?
There were plans at the time this newsletter was created to organize an Early Edition Fan Festival to be held in Chicago. Unfortunately, all of the pieces just wouldn't fall into place and it was not to be. Since that time, a group of fans *has* put together an Early Edition Convention, the first of which was held on October 26-27, 2001. For information on that convention and to keep informed of any future convention plans, see the Early Edition Convention Central website here:

Can I use/reprint the articles and pictures in these newsletters?
The quick answer is NO. Copyright belongs to Extra Edition unless otherwise noted. Anyone wishing to reprint all or part of any article or use a picture on their webpage must seek and receive the permission of the Extra Edition editorial staff (LenoreHutton102@webtv.net).

General Disclaimer

Credit for photos is given when known. Nothing in this site is meant to infringe on anyone's rights in any way. This is a fan-created, non-commercial site, developed with respect, and intended only to support and generate further interest in the television series "Early Edition." No profits are made by the owner of this site. If you have any questions, contact LenoreHutton102@webtv.net.


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