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EFExotics.com, is a collaborative effort of individuals (pet owners, breeders, rescue operators, wildlife rehabilitators and others) sharing their personal anecdotes, experience and opinions.

Unless otherwise noted, contributors are not veterinarians certified to offer medical advice.

Each animal is an individual with temperament relevant to genetics and rearing. Likewise, there are different possible husbandry techniques and no source should be considered the ultimate authority.

Critically examine your lifestyle and the requirements of any prospective species before brining it home. These animals often require dedication and understanding transcending the normal pet experience.

This site is a collaborative effort, please visit the submit information page if you can help in any way.

[April 16, 2009 - The site has been LONG overdue for an overhaul. I'm currently working on pics for all species featured as well as compiling a comprehensive link and breeder directory. All submissions welcome! Once the site is "completed" I'll transfer over to a paid host with better bandwidth per hour.]

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