"About  Egypt itself ,i shall have a great deal more to relate because of the number of remarkable things which the country contains  than anywhere else in the world "
* written by : "Herodotus"
the Greek historian(480-425 BC.)
Herodotus wrote"The Nile is the gift of Osiris,but Egypt is the gift of the  Nile"
But i say "Egypt is the Gift of Egyptian People"

Egypt( The cradle of  Greatest Civilizations,The land of Pharaohs ) has attracted  Historians to write about its glory,till  nowadays there are several  books are  written about ancient Egypt  but  few books that  telling us  about the present Egypt .
MY SITE will be such a simple mirror reflects to you what  the real  Egyptian daily life is like...to live within it, and providing you with a comparison between the past  and present life in  Egypt.

Now it's the time  to everyone who  has a passion for  Egypt  to learn more about the Modern Egyptian lifestyle ,the Egyptian culture,religion,History & its traditions.

EGYPT is now between your hands...
So please  make yourself at your home
and Enjoy your tour in my site.
warm regards ,

Nermine Sami

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