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Sega Genesis Dev Ring

Welcome, this is just a place wherein I put junk, dealing with FM synthesis, and BasiEgaXorz, some of it may be of interest to others, but most likely not. Also home of the only freely available MML compiler (that I know of, anyway) for making music on the Genesis and a music system called "MMDP" (MMD stands for Music for MegaDrive... or Megadrive Music Data, or something...) Nevermind the part of the page that's in Japanese, it's just nonsense I scribble down when I'm bored...

Mostly Genesis demos and examples...

BBS Write comments and stuff etc. It's in Japanese, sorry. maybe later I'll add an English BBS... oh well

Some various utilities,FM drivers blah blah blah...

Doc on the .MMD file format

Unrelated stuff

Last Update: July 25, 2009 Since Geocities is shutting down soon, I'm going to eventually move most of the site over to here soon. Nothing's there yet, but I'll start putting the site back together at least sometime before October 26 (maybe). Later folks.

November 30, 2007 On the japanese part of this page, I just released a game I had been working on for about two years. It's reeaaaally bad!! If you can read Japanese you might be interested in it. I do plan on putting in English eventually, but that may take a while. There's also no music in it because I hadn't gotten around to making music for it yet, but I'll probably get to that sometime soon as well. So, uh, yeah.... that's about it.

October 26, 2007 Uploaded an updated Nothing really new, just bringing the DLL up to speed with the Z80 driver, and fixing(????) a strange Vista problem. There really isn't much more that I want to add to it, so this is probably the last version of it.

March 27,2007 I gots da bored. So I wrote up a history of my music drivers at the bottom of the Various Utilities page(didn't feel like making a new page). If you're interested, or are as bored as I am, go ahead and give it a read. (All the folks that think I should learn some HTML and fix up this page, raise your hands....... Sorry, not gonna happen, heheheheh uhihihihi)

February 13, 2007 My computer is dead again. So until I get a new one (which won't be for awhile) I'm gonna be having fun messing around with this old Compaq Presario with Win95 on it.........................

December 10, 2006 Updated the MMD file format documentation.

August 25, 2006 Nothing new today, just letting all you metalheads out there know I'm still alive, and I still at least remember how to program a Sega Genesis (for the most part). Also I just heard the two New Songs from Metallica, and now I can't wait for their next album, ahahaha rock on!!!?! I mean, St Anger was good, but I got a real good feeling about the next one. So anyways, have a nice day.

March 11, 2006 I put a couple crappy MP3's in the unrelated stuff section. Just messing around with some recording software.

February 3, 2006 Nothing of interest really, just uploaded program to take JASC-PAL pallette files and convert them to a format usable on the 32X. also a demo displaying an 8BPP color BMP file on the 32X (only works in Fusion, so far as I know).

December 29, 2005 So how 'bout that Christmas, eh? Ah, nevermind that, here's the latest mmdpz80. Moved music data from the Z80 to the rom bank, and also fixed a strange bug that caused a thumping noise when stopping the song... I don't know why it was doing that, but I managed to fix it anyway, hehe.

December 5, 2005 Yet another update of mmdpz80. Added a way to control the driver from the 68k(I knew I had forgotten something...) There are currently only two commands you can give to the driver: play and stop.

December 2, 2005 updated mmdpz80. Now it is pretty much finished unless I decide to add PCM support, which I'm not in a hurry to do.

November 25, 2005 I made a Z80 driver. Have fun, eh.

September 1, 2005 Updated SJIS routines to use a 512k font instead of 2mb font. Here it is:

July 22, 2005 is a program that takes the output of a MIDI to MML converter and makes it compatible with MMC2 (the compiler for MMDP). Read mabimml.txt for info.

July 7, 2005 again uploaded a new version of mmdp. Now the Genesis version has support for nested loops and pitch bends, making it nearly identical in functionality to the X68Sound version. This will probably be the last version of MMDP, since it now has all the features I want in it.

June 30, 2005 uploaded new version of mmdp. Only new thing in it is a totally redesigned MML compiler. The original mmc.bas source code was about 43.9KB in size, and much of that was redundant code. The newer code is about 10.1KB total size, and only about half of that is actual MML code... other than that, not much new, ahahaha.

June 14, 2005 put some stupid plugin for use with a Japanese game engine called Nscripter on the unrelated stuff page...

June 11, 2005 So, like, my computer is fixed...................... Might as well continue doing some programming stuff........ w00t!?!?!

Now where was I..... I seem to remember doing stuff with 32X using an experimental beta version of BEX.. Got stuck with
A) Trying to draw a single dot to an X,Y coordinate on the screen, and
B) What appears to be a 512kb "size limit" for BEX's new 32X runtime (all data is put in with actual executable code, apparently, and there is only 512kb available for the 68K to run, i think... something like that). I think I had nearly managed to defeat the limit by making my own rom banking routine, but wasn't able to get the data pointers pointing in the right place... oh well, I might figure it out... or not...

May 23, 2005 So, like, I got bored and made a little Adlib music player for Windows 9x... It tries to play music for the OPL version of the PMD music driver. It ain't perfect by a long shot, but it was fun to make. Here it is. Since it directly access the Adlib compatible soundcard, it only works in Windows 9x. If you don't have an Adlib compatible soundcard, don't use it, I have no idea what will happen...

May 11, 2005 Yeah, still not back in business really, but here's a little update. I ported the MML compiler to DOS. Here it is. I say DOS, but really it could probably be ported to other systems, since it seems to be just ordinary C, so the source comes with it. It's a bit buggy but whatever.... Also the executable needs DPMI services available to work. CWSDPMI.EXE will do fine, i think. It's free and fairly easy to find on google.

April 28, 2005 So, like, uh... anybody here speak jive...?
Well anyway dig this, man. The hard drive on my main computer ain't working good, it seems, and It won't boot up Windows. So now I am using an older computer, a 200 MHZ Compaq Presario thingy running Windows 95. In about a month or so I should have a replacement HD, but until then, I can't do much Genesis dev stuff, 'cause the CDs with all my stuff i backed up on them won't work on this CD drive, ahahahah! Thus, until things settle down here I'll just give the dev stuff a rest. See ya on the flipside, ya jive turkeys!

April 5, 2005 So like here's a demo of the thingy I've been working on these days. A novel game engine.

February 28,2005 w00t!!!!11rox0rz!!?!?!1 check out this stuff!!? I'm finally displaying SJIS text on the Genesis! It uses a freaking huge 2 megabyte font file, but it's OK! I don't ever have to worry it about this again!

January 17, 2005 dum-dumdi-dum, I'm bored, here's the crummy source code for a crummy MML compiler, w00t!

December 29, 2004 How 'bout that Christmas, eh? Ah, nevermind that, today I uploaded an updated version of MMDP. Fixed a silly bug in the DLL that made the FadeSong() function real funky, so it works good now. Also fixed a bug with the Genesis player that sent it into an infinite loop, so it works good now. On an unrelated note, I tried making an Adlib/Soundblaster version of it in QBasic... ran real slow(I had to use Dosbox).

December 14, 2004 Uploaded a document outlining the .MMD file format. It's kinda rough but has most everything in it. 1