17 with no ambitions, no life and no intentions of ever caring soon. constantly tired, workaholic. athlete-if you must, but no jock. gving up, my first resort. swears by punk music and the likes of...emo, ska, indie, hardcore and other more complicated genres which are made up for lack of something better to do. fuck the labels, listen to the music. some say wallflower, i say visually interested. couldn't live without eyes or hands. don't call me an artist. while you're at it exclude writer too. prefers uncoventional beauty. cries and gets shivers all too often. a procrastinator, a perfectionist. my life is upside down.

-->movies: 16 candles, almost famous, american history x, billy madison, the breakfast club, a clockwork orange, dazed and confused, donnie darko, edward scissorhands, empire rocords, ferris beuler's day off, fight club, rocky horror picture show, slackers, trainspotting, the virgin suicides

-->books: "coloring outside the lines"- aimee cooper, "nothing feels good"-andy greenwald, "the perks of being a wallflower"- stephen chbosky, "white oleander"-janet fitch

-->other: emogame.com, converse, messy hair, tattoos, music magazines, ____boarding, my ring that was made from a spoon, photography and film, good opinionated discussion, band shirts, pretty eyes, payday, my friends (for the most part), etc, etc (can think no more)

as much as i want to say that this site gives my great joy- it does not. i'm a very indecisive person, you see. thus, the constant changes. i can't give a reason why it is not shut down and thrown on a pile to be burned other than the fact it keeps me busy. now the facts. eighty west is song by hidden in plain view, which has become little more than the sound of nails on a chalkboard. not only do i loathe the song as of late, i can also vouch that the band produces mediocre music as well. but, for lack of better ideas, it will remain eighty west until i can stifle my indecisiveness. 1st page- picture broken window (gettyone.com), lyrics- antiflag (plyrics.com).