My Page
My Page
Well, I plugged in the scanner and put up a bunch of pictures.  Here's the quick links!

Alex: Heidi's little girl born 4/2003.

My Mom and Alex: Pic taken in November along with above when they came to visit me in Rochester.

Coconut: Our kitten! Here's more! One and Two. His own page is here

Exciting, no? Hopefully I'll get Heidi to scan some new pages of Alex :) Though you can see some of the one's I've done lately.

Also wanted to add a big goof here too. Hands off ladies, he's all mine :)

One more thing! We're buying a house (hopefully) this summer... so I've been blogging about it here. You can also find my blog somewhere, but you might want to AIM (PinkNOrb) me for that address since I could be talking about you right now!

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