Eiko Ishiwata was born on September 26, 1981 and is currently composing music for her first CD. All her music is composed on her digital Yamaha Clavinova piano and on the guitar; and is mixed on her Tascam Portastudio 464 mixer with the Internet Audio Mix.

Her musical training is in piano, classical voice and flute. She took classical piano lessons for 13 years as well as voice for 3 years in classical opera. Though she has not been taking flute lessons for 6 years, but her technique never disappeared. With all her natural musical talent, she has picked up the guitar, ocarina and the Chinese flute on her own. Composing for 7 years on both the guitar and piano, Eiko developed an original style that reflects her gift in composition.

Both visual and musical, Eiko has been studying art in painting and drawing in Toronto at The Bishop Strachan High school. Even in elementary school and junior high school in Newfoundland, she pursued art and music, always struggling with which path to take. In the end when she was forced to decide when she graduated from high school and animation was her choice. However, she realized later, in Sheridan College, that her heart sat in her passion for singing and in orchestral composition. Currently, she is in St. John’s Newfoundland and is attending Memorial University, the University of Newfoundland and is taking general arts. As well as art and music, she has an interest in voice acting, though she has never had any experience yet and wishes to get involved in that industry.

Her style has a video game and musical theater twist which is quite unique from most pop music- it almost has a New-age style to her work. During her youth, her favorite music she listened to were Aerosmith, Urge Overkill, Moist, Seal, the Music from the Ghibili animation collection, and the music from final fantasy/Nobuo Uematsu and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Recently, she started to listen to Classical music such as Beethoven, Bach and Chopin. Currently, she is most interested in Classical singing such as listening to the amazing Rebecca Caine’s voice and Megumi Ogata’s voice though she does not sing in the classical style.

Eiko’s Future goals and dreams are to be recognized and appreciated by many people; to inspire people through her music by lifting their spirits up when they struggle through life and to hopefully get a label or a record contract. Though it is not her main goal, she would love to compose scores for video games, computer animations or plain classical animations. As well as inspire people with her voice and music, her dream is also to become a voice actor for an animation. Her true dream was to become a Japanese seiyuu/voice actor and singer but considering she is 2nd generation Japanese in Canada and does not have the perfect Japanese accent, that dream went down the drain. Now she is studying piano, voice and composition and getting a degree from Queen’s university.