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This is Spide's personal web page! Enjoy knowing her by surfing this page!

This web page is a labor of love of the Author herself. Creating this is not just a matter of complying the requirements in the course Mangement 286 (Management of Information Systems and Technology) as one of the courses in Master of Management in Public Management, a post graduate studies in the University of the Philippines in the Visayas.  The Author is inspired to create this page not just because of the excitement of having a personal web page but also due of having wonderful persons that surrounds the Author which she found necessary to include in this page as her way of expressing gratitude to them.

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Management 286 is designed by the faculty-in-chareg of this course, Management 286, Mr. Manny O. Felicio an internet based discussion. Below are helpful links which we make use in our class discussions:

Course Outline
Management 286

Learn different computer parts!
Computer Hardware1
Computer Hardware 2
Computer Hardware 3
Computer Hardware 4
Computer Hardware 5

Learn Fast Typing
Typing Tutorial

Learn HTML (webpage design)

Learn to Compute
compute 1

Additional Links
Routing Protocol
Types of Servers1
Types of Servers 2
Smart Draw
Money Matters
Domain Rightnow
Types of System
Flow Diagram
Systems Development Cycle
Application Design

Review Link for Exam

Special thanks to:
1) Our  mentor, Prof. Manuel O. Felicio for patiently helping us in this course requirement. Sir, Management 286 will always be in my heart espcially for including in your course requirements of this subject the web page design. Sir, a million thanks to you!

2) Ms. good friend and my co-mentor in web page designing.

3)Yahoo and for the various graphics in the web where i got images to use in this web page.

4) i used the site as links to all the songs i have posted in here!

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