Eileen's Page
Eileen's Page
Law School Links:
The American Bar Association--a good place to get all kinds of information about the law and law schools.
Law School Admission Council--if you haven't gotten in yet.
The Bluebook--your best friend once you get to law school!  (This page has excellent examples as well as the rules themselves).
Finding a Legal Job:
The Job Goddess--the name says it all.  (Also check out her books: Guerrilla Tactics for Getting the Legal Job of Your Dreams and What Law School Doesn't Teach You...But You Really Need to Know, and more...)
Infirmation.com--general information on most law firms--a good place to start your research.
Vault.com--same thing (not as many firms, but a little more in depth and more current than infirmation.com).
Lexis.com--search current NALP (National Association of Legal Placement) forms.
Federal Judicial Clerkships--the search engine for Federal Judicial Clerkships (just click "Search") as well as some basic information about clerkships.
Surfing the Web:
Google.com--my personal favorite.  (And a sample search here.)
About.com--a good place to look for information if you're not looking for a specific webpage.
Ask.com--this is a good idea, but doesn't always work well.  Can't hurt to try, though.
Other interesting sites:
Visorvillage.com--downloads for your PDA (that is, Personal Digital Assistant)
Soundamerica--lots of fun sounds from movies, TV, cartoons, etc.
Musiclassical.com--classical music links and more...
Dictionary.com--if words are your bailiwick.
The Grammar Lady--answers to all of your tricky grammar questions.
John Williams--my favorite (living) composer (check out his impressive list of film scores...including Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Schindler's List, and Harry Potter!!!).
here's my favorite made-up composer.
Here's a
soundbite from one of my favorite movies, The Princess Bride (voices are: Mandy Patinkin, Andre the Giant, and Wallace Shawn).
Legal research:
Lexis.com--you'll need a password for this one.
Westlaw.com--and this one.
Findlaw.com--but not this one!
Texas Legislature Online--free and current information, even though not always easy to search.
THOMAS--what democracy is all about!  Search bills, congressional records, and more.  Named after guess who.
Updated on 3/22/02.
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