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Do you no longer wear the fur coats in your closet? What to dispose of them in a way that will give you a tax credit and help the poor?

Donate your old coat!!!

I love my pets and have rescued a few cats over the years but now that I see how the animal shelters are overflowing with poor strays I wish I could do more. Animal Friends of Connecticut is one shelter that is helping the strays from breeding.This little chart represents what two cats can do in 9 years. The final total is 11 MILLION!!!.. If you are interested in helping go to their site the link is below.

If you are looking to adopt go to Animal Friends of Connecticut's website.

This page is created for all those who enjoy the love and friendship of animals.

This page is my way of showing my concern for all animals especially pets who no longer have a home. I have two cats but do love all animals and would like to dedicated this page to them.

Below we have Christie and Judy who are at Animal Friends of Connecticut shelter. They are sublings and should be adopted together. They have been at the shelter since they were born last October 2003. They were very frightened but are friendly once you get to know them. They need someone to spend some time with them and give them a loving home.


My other cat is Pearl her story is below.

Helpful Links

Petfinder is a easy way to find the animal you want at the nearest shelter.
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Feline Tidbits

Pearl's Story(1998 AFOC newsletter)

Photos of fellow feline friends

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