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Welcome to my website! I have found it easier to share pictures with people this way, rather than emailing
them. There are a few sites that don't have pictures added to them, yet. Check back often for updates!

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Christmas 2002
Chris and Marylou Cooney
Keith and Rebecca Trainer
Obie and Ericka Schottenfeld
Family and Friends
Matt and Tara Presser
Conor's Skydive
Matt and Jessica Stengel
NYC Christmas 2002
Eddie and Jeanne Rentezelas
Ilona and Ben Thurman
Ann and Travis Harris
Emilee Witkowski
Sammie Schottenfeld
California 4/2002
Our niece Fiona
Camping with Brenda and Brian
Wilbur 8/2002
Carolyn Cooney
Mahalia Norton
Caribbean cruise 8/2002
Kaitlyn Rose Witkowski
Austin John Wilbur
Our dog Annie
Andrew Paul Lucuski
Brooke Martin
Evan Rentezelas
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