The Eilers Family on the Net

The Eilers Family on the Net

This growing page is an easy way to find any Eilers family member who has an e-mail address and/or a home page on the Internet. Please let anyone born into, married into, or adopted into the Eilers family know about this page.

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The Eilers Family on the Net:

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My apologies! Due to a busy schedule, this site is closed indefinitely to new or updated entries.

If you know a process where the amount of time I spend on it can be drastically cut, and are willing to volunteer in that process, please send an email to with "I Can Help Eilers Family" as the subject.

Serious inquiries only.

A successful process for me would probably include a volunteer receiving the new or updated entries, formatting the information, and forwarding the information to me to upload to the site on a weekly or monthly basis. The volunteer should be familiar with basic HTML programming.

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Genealogy Resources:

The RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative

Genealogy Online

America Online's Genealogy Forum - keyword: Roots

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genealogy web sites

magazine - Everton's Genealogical Helper

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