Dr. Beth Hodges, D.D. is the Co-Founder of ONEBREATH
A tested and proven method for healing and strengthening relationships, clearing traumas, phobias, and emotional blockages, freeing people to experience a higher quality of life in the PRESENT!!!

A Journey into the Core of the Heart of ONENESS and Wholeness.
How does ONEBREATH work?
This workshop explores the nature of integrity, authenticity, genuineness, closeness and intimacy that can be brought to any relationship whether in the workplace, family, friends, dating relationships, marriages and partnerships of all kinds. It works in and through individuals, facilitates bonding, communication, and cooperative, co-creative relationships.

"ONEBREATH" fosters the creation of a sacred space within and around the participant, through open and honest communication, addressing issues in a supportive, loving, nonjudgmental peergroup environment. In the first half of the workshop we utilize the Men and Women of Power Talking Circles to define issues, get support and feedback and determine areas of growth and healing. These two groups first meet separately and then are brought back together into one group for integration and to rebond the participants.

In the second half of the workshop we work with individuals, couples and in a Corporate workshop, teams using specially developed and custom tailored guided meditations, a unique breathworking method and an original form of emotional release and clearance work combined with accepted and well established methodologies of hands on and absence healing techniques.
The unique ONEBREATH method addresses core causes at the subatomic, cellular, and neural levels to deal with the blocks to healthy relationships at their source rather than dealing with symptoms.

This approach yields immediate and documentable results which are lasting.
By healing the blocks to understanding, fostering an inner climate of love, forgiveness, compassion, peace, harmony and unity, the individual experiences a deeper sense of the Divinity within themselves, perceives it in others in a greater way than ever before, and through inner transformation can go on to enjoy healthier, happier, more peaceful relationships with themselves and others in any setting or environment.

When used daily, the basic method can transform a life completely. It can be used as a tool to greater intimacy and closeness in committed and non committed relationships even when one person in the relationship is not present at the workshop.

ONEBREATH is a method that can be used by anyone on a daily basis. It works with every person, every time.
ONEBREATH is based on scientifically and spiritually sound principles and works even for people who do not believe in it.

The ONEBREATH workshop was initially developed for couples, but has been used successfully on individuals and has been expanded to meet the needs of the Corporate and Private sectors.

ONEBREATH is available in an Introductory 2 hour Seminar, Half Day, Full Day, Weekend Intensive, Week Long Retreats and is available to Churches, Clubs and Organizations, as well as Grassroots Neighborhood Groups and at Private Home Workshops.

For information on Scheduling or Pre-Registering for a ONEBREATH workshop
simply email at:

Pre-registration required. 50% deposit. 72 hour cancellation policy.
Minimum 6 persons Maximum 24 persons

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