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ATTENTION: EINANIS BEAUTY CARE is one of the authorised outlets for Excellent Combination Sdn Bhd, the Sole Distributor of BML range of product for Malaysia. If you have any question, please address to Excellent Combination Sdn Bhd, 8th Floor, Bangunan MAS, PO Box 83, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50350 Kuala Lumpur.

For A New You

Your dream of having a beautiful skin will no longer be a dream but a reality. A reality achieved through the BML Nouveaux Visages range of skincare products.

It is especially formulated with the Asian texture in mind. Made from the extracts of fruits and herbs, it is hypoallergenic that works for everyone. Based on the research and experience of its guilding dermatologist, it is a discovery that rejuvenates the skin and body, giving it a vibrant and youthful look.

The secret behind the popularity of Nouveaux Visages BML range of skincare products is - it helps you dispense the rituals of contemporary make-up. No more foundation, powder and blusher, yet a translucent skin for all to see and envy. The BML products will shape your contour in a natural way - no dieting.

Every woman and man who values the beauty of her or his skin will find the BML Nouveaux Visages a very personalized brand of skincare and body products.

Serlahkan Penampilan Baru Anda

Dengan BML Nouveaux Visages, kami merealisasikan impian anda untuk memiliki kulit yang cantik serta bentuk tubuh idaman.

Dirumus khas untuk kulit wanita Asia. Ia diperkaya dengan pati buah-buahan serta tidak memberi alahan pada kulit. Menggabungkan pengalaman, kepakaran teknologi moden serta kajian mendalam oleh pakar dermatologi, kami mendapati rejuvinasi kulit akan membuatkan anada kelihatan muda menawan.

Jika anda tahu menilai erti kecantikan, pasti anda tahu, BML Nouveaux Visages adalah rahsianya.

Biarkan kami menyerlahkan penampilan baru anda yang lebih menawan.

Our Mission

"To look beautiful is the birthright of everyone"

Company Profile

Einanis Beauty Care which started operation on 1st April 2000 is an Authorised Dealer for Excellent Combination Sdn Bhd, to market BML range of skin and beauty care products under brand name BML Nouveaux Visages for Balakong, a fast growing area close to Mines Wonderland, Putrajaya (the new administrative capital for the government of Malaysia), and Cyberjaya (the IT city within the Multimedia Super Corridor) stretch to Bandar Sungai Long, an exclusive residential area. We plan to be a one stop beauty and image center and also to serve everyone who has desire to stay young and beautiful. House call service is also provided.

BML Nouveaux Visages is the product of BML Inc, Philipines.

Apart from the beauty treatment, we also provide sauna, body massage, pre & post maternity massage, hair dressing, aerobic class, and a variety of Ruby Rabanne boutique.

In the near future, our customers shall be proud of Einanis Beauty Care as The Club to exchange ideas and opportunities. To make this a reality, we plan to provide a special corner for Internet Surfing in contribution towards our government vision of creating a computer literate society. 


We can be reached by the location address stated below. Enquiries, orders, comments or appointment can be made thru phone calls, fax or email.

03-89610446, 013-3807711
Postal address
14-A Jalan PDR 5, Kawasan Perniagaan Desa Ria, Off Jalan Balakong, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor DE, Malaysia
General Information: einanis@yahoo.com
Sales: Puan Einanis Arshad
Customer Support: Puan Einanis Arshad
Webmaster: einanis@yahoo.com

Send your e- mail to einanis@yahoo.com for more information.
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