Benji Madden
Name : Benj Levi Madden
B-date:March 11 , 1979
Nickname: Kid Vicious
Contributes: guitar/vocals
Sign: Pisces
Hometown: Waldorf
Pets: Ca$hdogg
Height: 5'7
Eye Color: brown
Clothing:his bondage pants/shorts,grinders, chuck taylors, t-shirt, eastcoast clothing
Gear: soldano hot rod 100, marshall vintage series cabinet, 68' telecaster, custom 22 prs.
Food: free food, pizza
Color: black and baby blue
Movie: another state of mind, sid and nancy
TV Show: the simpsons, Saturday night live, 7th heaven
Car: '63 Impala
Music: Punk rock band Minor Threat
Sport: Baseball and Thumb Wrestling
Season: Spring
Charity: World Hunger
Performer: Sid Vicious City: Washington DC
Movie Line: "Have you seen my baseball?" (Something About Mary)
Quote: "This is going to hurt me a lot more than it will hurt you"
Lucky Number: 9
Hobby: People watching and Getting tatooed
Cereal: count chocula or Boo berry
Star Wars: the empire strikes back
Famous Chick: jessica beale
Holiday: christmas
Restaurant: Acme Bar&Grille in Annapolis
Person In History: Martin Luther King Jr.
Super Hero: the toxic avenger
Dream: To live on the water with a wife and kids, split a piece of property with joel, with a weeping willow, basketball court, recording studio and a boat
Other Things Benji Loves: 63' chevy impala, punk rock shows, punk rock girls, girls with tatoos and piercings, goth girls, old clothes, old junk stores,his bicycle,cashdog
Things He Doesn't Love: humidty, politicians, food poisoning, and anything else he might not like at that certain time
Musical Influences: Minor threat, Rancid, Government issue, Greenday, the clash, Ben Lee, the sex pistols, the beastie boys, Apoptygma Berzerk, MxPx, Oasis, Nirvana, Evan Dando, Dave Grohl, Everclear, Mc Hammer, Goldfinger

Favorite Part Of Being In GC: being able to hang out with his best friends and do what he loves to do the most.
Hobbies: He likes to hear new bands in spare time, people watch, get coffee and have good conversation, go to shows, play with cashdog.

Lifegoal: To have a good influence on the world and kids. Stay true to God and my family and make the world a better place, plant a flower and paint a horse, to pick up trash and then light everything on fire.

Pet Peeve: People with pet peeves

Good Habit: Cyber sex (it's cheaper)- PSYCH! Giving change to homeless people

Musical Heros: Noel Gallagher, Art Alexakis, Sid Vicious, Ian Mackeye, Ben Lee, Jimi Haha, Evan Dando