Éire Óg Association
Founded in December 2000
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The Éire Óg Association is committed to ending British imperialism in Ireland. We uphold all the ideals set out in the proclamation of the Irish Republic in Easter week 1916, and later ratified by Dáil Éireann in 1919.

We want to secure Irish unity for all the people on the island, we want to help secure civil and religious liberty for all.This means for all Religions, i.e. Catholics and Protestants, and all races to live in peace on the island. But we stress the fact that this can only occur if their is Irish unity and the Irish people are left to solve the "Irish problem" that the British have tried to solve for centuries but have failed.

We are sceptical towards the Good Friday Agreement(GFA), but we accept the wishes of the Irish people who voted for it in 1998. However it is not part of our organisations constitution or policy to support the agreement.

The Éire Óg Association was founded by young Republicans in the North of Ireland in December 2000, and we have setup a website to help promote Irish Republicanism on the net, and also to find new members for our organisation.
To find out more on us, and have a look at our constitution-devised in December 2000, click
here. Interested in joining or want to know more? E-mail us!

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