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O.K., so I'm new to this lark but I'm gonna give it a go and hope to have at least a decent N.L.O.I.  site. If anyone has any comments or suggestions for possible additions/ improvements to the site , don't hesitate to E-mail me or just visit my message board and let me know.

The site is just new (obviously) and i hope to have things in order soon, i'm just waitiing for info from a few clubs. I'm going to try to use the website to inform you of
interesting stuff as I feel that there is alot of rubbish on alot of sites (especially one which is run by the most immature NLOI fan, named Carlo).

As a N.L.O.I. fan one of the things that interests me most is the developement of Stadia and facilities around the country, so I intend to inform all of any developements made by clubs, this is to include any plans in the pipeline or speculation.

As I have said above, I'm just new to this and therefore I would appreciate any comments or possible improvements that you feel could/should be made to the site, I'm working as hard as I can, ok well maybe not as hard as I can but pretty hard, to get the site completely running. I have a leaving cert to do in the coming weeks, so please be patient and don't forget to sign the guestbook.
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This site has been awarded a 2shamrock award by Doras. I know it's not much, but the sites not finished yet, hopefully it will be somewhere near done soon.
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