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First and foremost, to my Grandfather and Father rest in peace.  To those who are dedicated to this sport of kings, welcome.  Let me now share a little history....

As far as I can remember cocking was and has always been a family affair.  When my grandfather attended the local shows, the entire family was present with him.  He is an exceptional cocker in his time as he would handle, heel and care for his birds.  My father on the other hand has never cared for any birds
that I know of, nevertheless he admired those birds.  His role has always been the
"Financier".  And when both men got together, lady luck was sure to acompany
them.  Although both has passed
away, and like any true bloodline,
I am compelled to continue their legacy.

It was in 2003 when I first started to feel
the cocking fever.  In 2006, I started out
with three breeds: Doc Robinson Hatch,
Sweater and Blacks.  I personally incubated
them which I then shipped in 2007.  We
produced a few chicks from those breeds and
will be fought when I go home.  Like my
grandfather, I'll be showing and testing them locally.

My current goal is for personal use only and after all the
trials are done, I might let go a few to balance out the farm
expenditures.  Until then, we'll just have to weather the tides
of time.

Feel free to look around the site.  If you have any questions,
you may e-mail, text or call us.  Our contact information is located
in the "Contacts" area.

Enjoy your stay!
Current Breeds
- Lacy Roundhead
- Hatch
- Kelso
- Black
- Sweater
- Grey