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Home on the Farm Trading;
Always acquiring unique merchandise.

We are retailers and wholesalers for Kyko Stirling cycle engines & Stirling fans, hot air engines,
Tin toys, nostalgic and antique toys, putt-putt candle boats, and various gadgets.

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Putt-Putt Boats -
Candle power steam boats and working sstationary model steam engines,
toys and a putt putt boat powered by a candle is fun
and easy to do.
The rare Kyko Stirling Cycle Engine Fan From the 1890s -
A fan without electricity - yes, the bizarre revelation, a copy is still being manufactured in a third world country where electricity is in short supply.
The Kyko Stirling engine fan is powered by kerosene paraffin/lamp oil) and runs for 36 hours to just 1 litre of fuel. The Stirling engine fan, is a  fan with a small cylinder hot air engine.
(*History *Pictures * Technical Data *How to get one )  
Printed Tin Toys -
Replicas, wind up, friction, mechanical operated, Large selection
Antique Tin toys -
Variety Selection, inexpensive, colourful

Simple, inexpensive novelty, Amazing drinking bird, he really drinks.

Amazing Nostalgic Glass Drinking Bird
Old Fashion Toys And Novelties And Gimmicks-
Puzzles, Magic, Puppets, tricks, cast iron money boxes, kaleidoscopes and much more.
Nostalgic Toys That Fly In The Air  -
Wind-up planes, wind-up flying bird and butterfly, kite, helicopter, slingshot launched planes and much more.
Exotic Jewelry Chests And Arabic Bubble Pipe
Mouse Trap-
Catches mice alive and unhurt.

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