Construction of the Garage!
 The building of the Garage!
So there I was, needing a place to put my motorcycle, when it hit me: why not build a garage?!

The first step was to move the baby barn from it's current location to the other side of the backyard. This was accomplished in about 2 hours time, using 2X10 planks and a half dozen rollers.

The next step was to stake the placement of the garage, and remove the grass from the driveway extension and move it to the spot that the baby barn had been:

So far, so good. Then the gravel came (33 tonnes) and it was spread by hand to level it out to form the base of the garage floor, and create the driveway extension. The forms were built and the cement was ordered. Also, a professional cement finisher was hired to pour the floor.

I would advise anyone to hire one of these guys as they know what they are doing, and can do it faster, better and easier than trying to do it yourself!

Three hours later, I had a garage floor, albeit somewhat soggy.

The next step was to build the footer. This was done using 8 inch high cement blocks and mortar to fix them to the floor. A word of advice: pay the extra 200 bucks and get them to pour the footer when they do the floor. IT'S NOT WORTH THE HASSLE!!!!! Three days and much frustration later, the footer was done.

Dad came over and provided much knowledge and help in building the walls. These were done in 2 days.

After that was done, we waited for a calm, windless day. That arrived the day after we built the walls. Then, with the help of my brother-in-law Gerry, my friend Vince, and Dad, we stood the walls up and braced them:

That is all I have for pics, but as of now, (August 1st, 1998) the trusses are up and the roof is boarded in, the walls and gables are boarded in and the headers for the doors are done. The next step is to put the fascia (sp?) boards up and shingle it. More pics when I get them developed.

Oh yeah, this is me after I hit my thumb for the third time: 

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