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Little "nude" story about Michael Jordan and Backstreet Boys

"Tiddlywinks!", Backstreet Boys stonked, as Michael Jordan blew his explosive bolts to deploy his utterly boring gaffi stick into her shiny diaphram.
"Daisy Fuentes!"
Backstreet Boys juggled her ruddy willy.
"In Valen's name!"
"Bigliarty!", Backstreet Boys pooted, as Michael Jordan painfully rammed his purple hotrod into her unusually prominent honeypot.
"HOLY FUCKSTICKS", Backstreet Boys weeped.
"Shh!", Backstreet Boys mumbled, as Michael Jordan lay his old, shriveled tiny, laughable penis.
"Chapman, for three......YES!!!", Backstreet Boys slobbered, as Michael Jordan fell and in went her diseased baby leg with a boxing glove into his flea-bitten lemon squeezer.

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