Wing Chun's Greatest Hits
Wing Chun's Greatest Hits

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Touchstone Martial Arts

Wing Chun Kung Fu

* Takes a radically different approach to fighting

* Originated by a woman to enable her to defeat her most likely opponents

* Develops the sense of touch into an amazing close-range fighting skill

* Bruce Lee's original art

Class Information

Location: Sacramento, CA

Time: Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 6:30-8:30 pm

Instructor: Michael Nedderman

Phone: Call 916-537-0707 for directions and pricing info.


Biography of a Martial Art -An introduction to Wing Chun.

Biography of Michael Nedderman -Our Sifu

What's in a Name??? -Explains why we're the "Touchstone Martial Arts Association" and more.

Planning for the Inevitable With the "Sawed-off Shotgun" of Martial Arts

Enter the Wing Chun Time Machine


Here are a few of the big Wing Chun sites. Plenty of information and links.

Wing Chun World

Planet Wing Chun

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