EIS Webelos
EIS Webelos - Pack 5919 - Den 7
The Eagles Den
Next Meeting: Wednesday 28 May 2003 at 6:00 pm
Blue and Gold Banquet
Last event of the Year... Parents and Webelos
must attend
All Webelos and parents are expected to attend.
Starting time: 6:00
Finish: open ended
Theme: Egyptian
Webelos wear their Scout Cloths. They may wear Pharaonic custome if available.
Parents are encouraged to wear Egyptian/Pharoanic.
Check the Webelos Final Record
Previous Meeting Activities
1 May: Webelos assembled an Electric Plug using the right tools and Experienced Cooking Outdoors and they made their own food.

24 April:
the Webelos learnt about Electricity and Electric plugs. They developed a rhyming reminder for the Blue and Gold Banquet and they enjoyed a healthy snack learning about the the Lebanese sandwiche
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