Qoutes from people or books:
"In the beging the earth was created... this made a lot of people angry and has been widly regarde ad a bad move."
                                                       - Douglas Adams

"Hello my name is Inigo Montoya... you killed my father prepare to die."
                                                      - The Princess Bride
"I don't want to be a pie I don't like gravy."
                                                     - Babes, from Chicken Run
Qoutes from freinds:
"We ain't got no phones."
                                 - Nolan Hamlin (my cousin)
"one by one the penguins steal my sanity."
                                - unknown source; Nolan has a freind wiht it on his shirt
"Only exsepionally rational men can afford to be absurd."
                               - inputed by Daniel said by Allan Goldfein (whoever that is)
" Did you know apple cores float!"
                              - Amber
                                         "Nobody is perfect... I'm nobody....so I'm perfect."
                                                         - Melissa Monzo
                                        " Life sucks Then you die"
                                                        - Everyone

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