Some say life is easy. Others laugh at them. Life is not a box of choclates. You never do know whats going to happen. But life is also not sweet like choclate.
  Lets say life is like a Swap meet. Your all looking for the good deals. The right price for things. The cheap way. Lots of people in life look for the cheapest way to make it through life.
  But still there are those few individuals whose life really is a box of chocolates. They take their time picking out the sweetest best looking one. Some of them will get the one with the smooth chocolate cream filling.
  Some will get the cocanut and have to start all over again. Most people pick the cocnut ounce in a while.
              The sun creeps like a slug to fill the starrry night with the glow of heaven.
                        Slowly tthe stars go to sleep and leave our presence until later 
                                 Now the sky is filled with the red glow of day 
        Birds begin got make their eternal chatter that fills the ears of the many who will soon
              Now the entire night sky has gone to sleep and the day shift has begun.
            The sun has taken the position of the moon to fill our sky with the light to see.
      Dawn has ended just to give was to day that will give way to evening that woll give way
                                          to night and then to dawn again.
   I've lost my freinds
I've lost my confidence
     I've lost my trust
        I  lost hope
       I lost myself.
Roses are red
  Violets are blue
But why do i care
  I care for you!
              He took a step
            I didn't expec tit
              But he took it
I've been waiting and it happened
         He's young but ready
               I'm so happy
              He took a step.
        She's there for me
         But I don't see it
        She cares for me
       But doesn't show it
           She trusts me
        But questions me
          She needs me
       But won't admit it
        She's my freind
ButI'm afraid I'm lossing her.
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