Phil's Homepage!
Welcome to Phil's Homepage here are links to more stuff on my site and links to some of my other favourite sites.
Other Stuff:
Phil's quote, phrase, saying or word of the week.
Phil's Drawings
The place where I made this site of course!
A hilarious site mostly about doing weird things to gerbils.
This place is where i find some cool animated gifs.
The site for THE coolest music/video clips!
Three words for this: Good Looking Chicks.
The official marvel comics website, for fans of marvel comics.
An interesting quiz site all about youself.
A pretty good emulator and rom site, for the people who want to play the games they played in their childhood. Remember the Sega Master System.
Another hilarious site, but this time you chose a girl and you have it out in the playground in a icq style game (requires shockwave).
A site full of short films.
Another good emulator and rom site.