Christmas Greetings

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Christmas Greetings!  Lets waste no time and recap the year.   The eve of the year 2000 in Iceland  came to us in a blur.  That's  probably because of all the snow being blown around.  Unfortunately John had to work (on-line), which meant no parties. However, when the midnight hour  came Josie, Jeremy and Julie ran out to the nearest hill in shoes that were way to big.  But snow stopped blowing long enough for them to see some wonderful fireworks.  It was a beautiful night sky.  To bad Joshua-David and Jordan slept through it.

The next experience our family shared is what we like to call the Blizzard of 2000. ( Click here to read new paper article)  This blizzard found our family as well as 23 other students and 37 other Adults, most of which we rarely saw, stranded at the school.  It turned out to be a very memorable experience.  We had pizza and hotdogs from the lunch room to eat. For entertainment we had the internet, movies, T.V. the Gym, books to read and teachers to help prepare work.  When bedtime arrived we had Mats to sleep on and parachutes to use as covers.

We were rescued around 1:00 A.M.  by the Marines.  We rode in a bus that followed a plow.  Then the Marines helped us to our door, at which time they helped dig it out.  We were the lucky ones many people were stranded in places with out the luxuries we had. We'll except for the people stuck at the bowling alley and Wendy's.   All in all it was interesting. And most of the snow was gone in about a week.

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In May we reluctantly moved back to the States.  We are now in Midwest City, Oklahoma. And we are trying to make the best of things.  However, due to some unfortunate circumstances it has be rough. Not to Mention  the heat has been hard on us.  So Lets forget the bad and move on to positive.  We did get to attend the Oklahoma Temple Dedication, that was awesome.  We also got to see some friends from Altus.

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Jordan is in Kindergarten this year.  She says her favorite part is Nap Time and her boyfriend Dillian.  She is also starting her first year in Scouts she is a Daisy. Jordan is also learning to read. 

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Joshua-David  is in Second grade this year.   He likes P.E. and Charger Connection ( this is where the school gets together and sings and basically it's a big pep rally).  He is a Wolf this year in Scouts.

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Jeremy is in the Fourth grade this year,  school seems to be getting a little easier for him, he made the Honor Roll. Jeremy also likes to volunteer every day after school.   This year Jeremy is a Webelos Scout.  

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Josie is in the Fifth grade, and she is also one of the students bused off once a week to the Academic Center.  She really enjoy when they studied Ancient Egyptians. She especially enjoyed learning about the Cartouche. She made the Principals Honor Roll Josie is in her last year as a Junior Scout. 

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Julie this year is busy as usual.  She spent most of the  day at the school volunteering , Until 8 November. Then the school offered her a job as a Teachers assistant, More specifically she is the ISR  Teacher(In school suspension representative).   She is very happy about this job it's what she been wanting to do. 

Julie is also involved in scouts this year.  She is the Daisy Leader in Girl Scouts  and at Church she was called to be a Den Leader in Cub Scouts. As far as the computer goes Julie hasn't spent much time working on it.   Which makes John happy, it gives him more computer time.

John is the one with the most to tell this year.  Right now he's being reviewed on the Med Board.  It seems John's body does not like Oklahoma, his Asthma has kicked up quite a bit, not to mention other various aliments.  So depending on what happens he could be kicked out of the military soon.  His commander is not recommending it, but who knows what will happen.  

As for unwork related info.  John was called as the Cub Master in our ward.   I can't explain it but every time I say that it makes Julie Laugh.  Our ward right now, does not have a working pack, the bishop wants us to see if we can find enough boys in the ward active and inactive who would like to participate.   Meanwhile Jeremy and J.D. will be going to both packs, but the bishop doesn't want them to become   a actual member of the ward pack until it is up and going.

*** This just in ****  We will be moving the 9th of January.  Housing called and even though we're number 29 on a two year waiting list, they offered us a house.  Yea!!!!!!  ***we now return to our normal programming******

All in all we are all doing okay.  The people at the school are very friendly.   As for the neighborhood.  We really miss small town living and all our friends everywhere!  We hope the new year finds everyone healthy and happy.   So from our home to yours Merry Christmas!


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