Leaving Year 2004 with "out with the old, in with the new"!!

Who would have guessed that 5 months ago I would be meeting my fiance, a 6'2", blue eyed,
Uruguayan, mortgage consultant with talent on electric/acoustic guitar with a love of all musical
genres, xbox car racing, hockey and basketball, a cook and undeniably an amazing guy! I
realized after living together for these past months in the cozy studio condo in Yorkville that it's
time for the 1 bdrm in 2005! I had finally listened to all the advice from the people close to me
and made major changes in my life, and all for the better. So please keep September 16th
2006 open...it'll be held at a hot location...maybe Miami!

Another late breaking news is my new website
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or you may have previously requested to be removed but still receiving my mailer. I apologize
and wish to rectify the situation before the new year.

Guitar solo 1

Guitar solo 2

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