Here is some stuff from a past issue

IRON BUTTERFLY: The Los Angeles County coroner has identified remains found in a ravine as those of former Iron Butterfly bass player Philip “Taylor” Kramer, who disappeared four years ago. The skeletal remains were positively identified using dental records. The cause of death had not yet been determined. Hikers found the remains last Saturday inside a wrecked van in the bottom of a ravine. The van matched the description of the vehicle Kramer was driving when he disappeared on Feb. 12, 1995. Kramer was 42 when he disappeared.

KIX: This following letter was written by Donnie Purnell (ex-Kix) and appeared in the current issue of Music Monthly.: “Hammerjacks Illusion Reunion - Remember the cat that died in Pet Cemetery and its evil soulless reincarnation; not too warm, not too cuddly, not the lovable little kitty that used to purr on your lap. Well, that’s the impression I have of this HJ Illusion Reunion. Don’t get me wrong. HJ was very, very good to me. So was 98 rock and Music Monthly and everybody that helped make it a rock-n-roll landmark. It changed my life and I am forever grateful. When Don Wehner (former HJ promoter called me last week and said “We’re havin’ a HJ reunion,” my immediate response was “Where? In the parking lot?” He said, “No, at Cancun Canteen ”(or something). “I’ll pay you $50K to do a KIX reunion.” I said “That’s funny! That’s exactly the same offer Bud Becker (HJ promoter) proposed to me 4 years ago that would have saved the KIX band from breaking up in the first place.” In ’95 I wanted to do it, Ronnie wanted to do it, Brian wanted to do it, but Steve and Jimmy turned it down. Steve said he wanted to do his own thing and play his own songs. Jimmy said he wanted to go to chefs school and couldn’t commit to it. I was crushed and so was Ronnie. Brian wanted to do it for the money. After a couple of weeks of hard campaigning, I had no choice but to respect their decision. I asked for one favor from Steve and that was promise me you’re not going to start a KIX cover band. He agreed. I reminded him I wrote those songs for KIX not Funny Money. Well, guess what! Funny Money is Phoney Baloney, a KIX cover band using songs and recordings. And what is the Cancun Canteen? HJ? I don’t think so. And where’s Louie? (HJ owner) Aren’t there laws protecting our creations and properties? And what about principles? Well, in all of HJ and KIX glory days, we did create some monsters, and that is sad, but I do believe most of you know the difference between a beating heart and a zombie. And guess what else?! Don Wehner just called back and Steve and Jimmy want to do it. Well, what the F*&% happened? Whores fake orgasms for money, and old men want to get on stage and pretend they’re 25 again, for money. Well, needless to say Donnie don’t play that! I’ve kept my mouth shut for 4 years and it ain’t been easy. When HJ and KIX were laid to rest I believed it was for good reasons. I will always remember them as they were and I am fortunate to have been there when they were living. Some things are sacred. I wish all this reunion illusion bulls@#$ would die and for the record, to quote the immortal lyrics of Joey Ramone, “I don’t wanna be buried in a Pet Cemetery.”


FOUR HORSEMEN: Frank Starr passed away on June 18. He was injured in a motorcycle accident 4 years ago, and had been in a coma ever since.

URIAH HEEP: Donnie Frizzell, Uriah Heep’s North American Tour Manager issued a statement to “The new single is due to hit the streets July 6th, 1999. ‘Across The Miles’ which was scheduled for release June 16th will now go to the local radio stations July 16th. The band is scheduled to re-start the tour in Deerfield, OH September 4th, 1999, the same location as previous. As everyone whom is a ‘Heep’ fan can relate to: This is a very important record for ‘Uriah Heep’ and all that is connected to the group. The 1st real push on a new record in almost 15 years. We as an organization are aware of how hard Dave White and all the ‘Heepsters’ have worked to support this band, even though they have not had a real existence in the U.S. for 16 years. Uriah Heep is coming to the United States this year!! This everyone can rest assured upon!”

ARMORED SAINT: The following update was recently sent to me by guitarist Jeff Duncan: “As far as the Armored Saint album goes, here’s the scoop...we are well into lead vocals and lead guitars. We’ll probably start doing background vocals this week, so as you can tell, we’ve been pretty busy on it. The album promises to be old school heavy metal in true A.S. fashion!!. Look for a March 2000 release. The lineup is John Bush, Joey Vera, Gonzo, Phil Sandoval and of course, yours truly. My band DC4 does have a CD entitled Mood Swings. Any one interested in buying a copy can do so at our website ( If you’d like a copy and promise to review it, I’ll gladly send you one! (Jeff also formed Odin a long time ago and updates us on what the members are up to now) Odin: Singer Randy O lives quietly in Tujunga, CA with his wife and daughter and is now a computer graphics artist. Bassist Aaron Samson is currently shopping a project he’s involved with called Judah. Drummer Shawn Duncan plays for my band DC4.”

GIRLSCHOOL: According to the The Official Girlschool website: girlschool/index1.html, the band is reforming and will have a new album out in September..

RAVEN: The band just finished up a new studio album. It is the first with vocalist Michael Wagener since 1985’s Stay Hard. The tentative title is To Be Broken. The album is slated for an August release in Japan and Europe. A North American release will be announced soon. The band’s compilation of unreleased live/studio tracks titled Raw Tracks will be released in the U.S. by Metal Blade records in late summer. For more information check out their site at:

BRITNY FOX: Dean Davidson (aka Jarod Dean) will soon have a new album out. For info on the album go to: (the site will be up soon). Tommy Paris and his new band Uncle Edna have a CD available on the internet. They don’t have a label yet, have no ads placed anywhere for the CD, but it is selling well. Just goes to show what a great thing marketing tool the internet can be. The band also includes Johnny Dee. Check out their site at:

JAILHOUSE: Mike Raphael is now in the band Neve (Columbia Records). They’re album will be released in the U.S. in Sept.

DOGS D'AMOUR: Share has joined up with husband Bam in the newly reformed band The Dogs D’Amour. The band originally split in 1994 but Tyla, Jo Dog, Bam and Share are back in the studio as we speak. For more info go to:

Updated June 23:
Britny Fox: Vocalist Tommy Paris and drummer Johnny Dee have a new band called Uncle Edna. You can purchase their debut CD at: Former vocalist Dean Davidson will soon have a new album out titled Weekend Soul Massage. It will be available via CD NOW this summer. He is now going by the name Jared Dean. Michael Kelly Smith has a new band called Area 51. They can be found playing around the Philly area.

Gorky Park: In 1996 the band released an album titled Stare and toured Russia in support of the album. They had some songs left over from that session. Their next album, Protivofazza (the English version of the album title is Anti-Phase). The album is only available in Russia. The band is said to be working on a new album that will be released in the U.S. also.

Hurricane: Kelly Hansen and Jay Schellen can be found on the new Unruly Child album, Waiting For The Sun. It was released by MTM Records and can be purchased at Kelly can also be found on the Air Pavilion CD. It is only available in Japan right now but you may be able to find it as an import.

Death Angel: Guitarist Rob Cavestany, drummer Andrew Galeon and original Death Angel vocalist Mark Osegueda have a new band called Swarm. They are working on their debut album.

Ugly Kid Joe: Shannon Larkin is now the drummer for Candlebox. It’s not permanent but he has been touring with them since Late January/Early February. Vocalist Whitfield Crane is in a new band with Logan Mader (ex-Machine Head/Soulfly). The band is called Backstabber.

J. Geils Band: The original members of the band launch their first tour in 16 years on June 23rd in Boston. The 15-city, 17-show reunion tour of the band that hit big with “Centerfold” and “Freeze-Frame” travels through the East and Mid-East coast through July 17th.

Pat Benatar: Chrysalis/Capitol Records have announced a June 15th release for Synchronistic Wanderings: Recorded Anthology 1979-1999, a 20th anniversary career restrospect of the music of Pat Benatar. The three-CD, 53-song box set will include Benatar’s hits, along with rarities, live tracks, and previously-unreleased material, all 24-bit digitally remastered. Benatar will soon embark on a summer tour, and has a new album due out early next year.

The Doors: Sony Signatures have signed the remaining members of the band to a long-term merchandising and licensing agreement.

Ratt: Former bassist Juan Croucier is still making music. He lives in L.A. with his two sons. He sings for a band called Liquid Sunday and also runs The Cellar Studio. Juan also recently produced a band called Air Pavillion. The band features his brother Tom Croucier on bass, ex-Hurricane vocalist Kelly Hansen and drummer Jay Schellen.

Bulletboys: The following was posted on the Metal Edge message board about Bulletboys: “Just to let everyone know, yes, the original band is back together and we’ll be coming to your city soon. We’ll be playing in Tempe, AZ this Sunday (May 16th). I’m not sure how far Chandler is from Tempe or the name of the club we’re playing - but I’ll find out for you. We will be recording a live record, but we’re still trying to decide where to record it. We’re booking some warm-up dates in the L.A. area over the next month, and then we plan on going across the states and possibly over seas. Thanks for your support. Jimmy D’Anda.” Guitarist Mick Sweda is said to be in a new band called Lolligags. You can check out their site at:

Trouble: The band will be reuniting with ex-vocalist Eric Wagner for the Stoner Hands Of Doom Festival in Washington D.C. on Aug. 14. For more info check the festival website at: stonerrockdoomfestival.

Other Tidbits: Peter “Ginger” Baker played drums in Cream and Blind Faith. He left the music biz for a while in the 80’s and was lured him back in 1986, with a guest spot on Public Image Ltd.’s Album. He now has a new jazz album titled Coward Of The Country.
Paul Geary, formerly of Extreme is now managing Godsmack.

Updated April 1, 1999
Ugly Kid Joe: Shannon Larkin is in a new band with Sonny Mayo called Amen. Rumor has it that they are signed to Ross Robinson’s new record label.

Trixter: (From the Metal Edge site) Mark Scott is working in management and promotions at the Essex Country Club in New Jersey, and plans to book bands at the facility’s roller rink.

Britny Fox: Dean Davis has changed his name to Jarod Dean. He is still in the music biz but has changed his style. He’s shopping around a demo and will soon make it available via the internet. Rumor has it that Johnny Dee (ex-Britny) may be drummer for Jarod’s upcoming tour.

21 Guns is back with a new album and a new singer. He goes by the name of Solli or Tornsten and was formerly with Sons Of Angels and Psycho Motel.

Ex-Salty Dog bassist, Mike Hannon can now be found in Hilljack.

Jeff Soto Scott has recently recorded an acoustic album with Ricky Phillips and Marcus Nand.

Got the following letter via E-mail from Mike Lyon: “I just wanted to let you know that Ronnie from Kix is now out in LA. No news yet as to what he is up to, but he is no longer here in Maryland. Keep up the good work and dont forget to check out Steve Whiteman’s new band Funny Money at their new website.

Jetboy and Junkyard: Both bands will be reuniting this spring and will have new releases out via Smart Recordings on March 30. They will play a few shows in L.A. this month before heading to Japan in April. The Junkyard CD, Live at Hollywood Palace, was recorded on their 1990 tour. Jetboy’s Lost and Found features unreleased tracks and demos with a guest appearance by Lemmy (Motorhead).

Black Sabbath: Former vocalist Tony Martian is working on a new album with Dario Mollo. The name of the project is The Cage. The album is due to be released in Italy sometime this month. Check out their official website at: If you like Tony Martin, you should check this out. The band also includes former Sabbath keyboardist Don Airey (Never Say Die album), Fulvio Gazlini (bass) and Ezio Secomandi (drums). The site contains lots of information as well as audio samples.
Great Kind Rat: The band has reformed. The line-up features all originals: vocalist Leif Sundin, guitarist Pontus Norgren, guitarist/keyboardist Anders Nilsson, bassist Michael Hoglund and drummer Thomas Broman. The new album will be called Out Of The Can, available through Z Records.
London Quireboys: Guitarist Guy Bailey has a new band called Dog Kennel Hill. Their debut album, Sweethearts Of The Rodeo will be released in March through their website. Check it out at:
studios/dog/dogkennel.htm or email for more info.
Phantom Blue will be doing some shows this month in CA. On March 20, they will be playing at The Gig as openers for The UnderDogs (an “all-star” band featuring Jani Lane, Danny Wagner, Robbie Crane, Mike Fasano, and Keri Kelly.) The show is being taped and will be Webcast on the 21st at 3:00 PM at: E-mail the band at:
Every Mother's Nightmare: The band is currently working on a new album. There was a slight delay in the recording but they hope to have it finished very soon.
Saigon Kick: Ex-Kick members Phil Varone and Matt Kramer have been playing around the Southern FL area. They are working on new material.
Armored Saint has resurfaced. The band recently singed a new deal with Metal Blade (the same label that gave them their start in 1983). They are working on a new album.
Lizzy Borden: The band is back and playing reunion gigs. They recently played a show with L.A. Guns and Bang Tango. For more info. check out their site at:
D.A.D.: The band has just released a new double live album in Europe titled Psychopatico. Rumor has it that John Kalodner has been speaking to the band about the possibility of a new U.S. deal.
Riverdogs: Vocalist Rob Lamothe recently E-mailed me and gave me his website address (
~lamothe/homepage) He must have read on the site that we were searching for Riverdogs. I found this info. there (written by Rob) “Right now, I’m finishing up work on my first release in Canada...songs from my last two solo albums, Gravity and Being Human, which were released in Europe and Asia. This record, called I Am Here Now, is being mixed in California, by my old friend, (and bandmate from Riverdogs) Nick Brophy. This past weekend (March 5), I started recording Lisa Winn’s debut cd. Lisa and I have been singing together for four years. She has the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. Her cd will be called Mother Earth. April 2-18, I’ll be touring Holland with my good friends Bittermoon to promote their new cd One Good Eye. I produced one song, sang on a couple, played some guitar and electric piano... and it’s an awesome record!”
OTHER TIDBITS: Guitarist Doug Aldrich (ex-Lion/Bad Moon Rising/Hurricane) is in a new band called Burning Rain. Their debut album is slated for release on Pony Canyon in Japan on March 3. The line-up also includes vocalist Keith St. John (ex-Sun King), drummer Alex Makarovich, and bassist Ian Mayo (ex-Hericane Alice/Bad Moon Rising). Keith and Ian will also appear on the upcoming Medicine Wheel record.
I read on the glamrock mailing list that I belong to, that Backyard Babies are doing some shows. And at a recent show that they did, they brought Michael Monroe on for the encores.
Bassist Gary Nutt (ex-Tangier) filled in for Eric in Cinderella for the month of November, while he was recovering from his accident..
And although he is not a musician, it’s still music related: Lonn Friend (former RIP editor) is now a freelance publicist and promotes local L.A. shows.
Ex-Manowar guitarist Ross “The Boss” Friedman’s (also formerly with Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom, The Dictators, and Heyday) new band The Spinatras just signed with CMC. Other band members are Brian Corley (lead vox), Ron Giordano (bass, cello, backing vox), and Richie Fazio (drums). An album is due this summer.

Updated January 27, 1999
Armored Saint: Guitarist Jeff Duncan has just finished recording his first album with his current band Humanature, which also features brothers Shawn (drums) and Matt Duncan (bass). The record was engineered by Warrior guitarist Joe Floyd at his Silver Cloud studio in Burbank, CA and should be out soon. Duncan will also be part of the Armored Saint reunion album which is supposed to get under way sometime early next year. At present it looks as if at least 4/5ths of the Symbol Of Salvation line-up - Duncan, bassist Joey Vera (Fates Warning), vocalist John Bush (Anthrax), and drummer Gonzo Sandoval - are said to be involved.
Alice Cooper Band: Ever wonder what became of the original Alice Cooper Band? Well, Glen Buxton died on Oct. 19, 1997 in Clarion, IA. He was 49. Neil Smith has a real estate company. You can check out his website at: Michael Bruce is still playing. You can reach his website at: Rumor has it that Dennis Dunaway has a chain of video stores. Right before Glen’s death, he, Michael and Neal got together for a reunion.
White Trash: I recently got an e-mail from Ethan Collins, the former guitarist of the band. He said that for the past several years he has been working as a computer network technician and also playing in a band called Cosmic Box. They just put out an album on J-bird records. Check out the site for more info at:
artist.html?sku+6174680248-2&band=Cosmic+Box. Ethan’s brother Aaron (bassist) is now playing in a hardcore band called, “Scar Head.” Dave, the singer actually spent time in a mental institution and is now trying to launch a film directing career. Mike, the drummer works for “Q-prime,” the biggest rock band management company in the world. Ethan, Mike and Aaron are still good friends and hang out all the time.I Mother Earth: Former vocalist, Edwin, is working on a solo album to be released on Sony Music Canada. The album is said to have a “bit of a dark side” to it. He is hoping to have it released in April.
FIONA: Fiona Flanagan was born and raised in New Jersey, but she moved to New York at the age of 18 to play in bands. After playing in various bands, she signed a solo contract and released three albums, a self-titled debut in 1985, Beyond the Pale (1986) and Heart like a Gun (1989). Fiona then switched to Geffen, added a band (and calling it Fiona) and released Squeeze. Accompanying her on the album are guitarist Dave Marshall, bassist Laura McDonald and drummer Jimmy DeGrasso. I know that Jimmy can be found playing with Sebastian Bach and Dave Marshall has been in quite a few bands that I can’t recall off the top of my head.
ADAM ANT: Adam Ant turned 44 on November 3rd. Rumor has it that the Ants are to reform and tour next year. On Sept. 5, Adam Ant guest DJed on LA's KROQ. It was Adam’s only public appearance in 1998. Adam became a father in 1998. His wife Lorraine gave birth to a baby girl on April 10. The official Adam Ant fan club has recently changed address. The new address is: Adam News Today (A.N.T), c/o Bryan Stanton, 8 Berkerley House, Brentford, Middlesex TW8 0ND.
MICHAEL MONROE: (Background) Michael's first solo recording was titled Nights Are So Long and was released in Scandinavia and Japan in 1987. The album was dedicated to Razzle (ex-Hanoi Rocks...who was killed in a car accident). His next album Fakin’ It’ was released in 1989 on Polygram Records. In 1990, Michael was approached by Steve Stevens (ex-Billy Idol) to work on a project together. They made some great demos but when they went into the studio to record the album, the music started going into a completely different direction from what Michael had originally intended. He was concerned that the record was heading in an extremely Heavy Metal direction. He tried to prevent the album from being released but had no support from anyone else involved. Polygram released it under the name Jerusalem Slim. In the fall of 1992, Michael did an “Anti-Promotional” Tour in Japan, not playing anything from the Jerusalem Slim album. This was the first time Michael, Nasty Suicide, and Sami Yaffa toured together since Hanoi Rocks. The following summer they also worked together in the studio recording two songs in England for the Johnny Thunders Tribute Album: I Only Wrote This Song For You. Michael also made appearances with Guns N’ Roses and Warrior Soul. In 1993 Michael started looking to put together something more permanent. That band eventually went by the name Demolition 13 and consisted of Steven Van Zandt (ex-Bruce Springsteen band), Sami Yaffa (ex-Hanoi Rocks), Jimmy Clark (ex-Blondie/Scandal) and Jay Hening. They released a self-titled album. Jay was eventually replaced by Nasty Suicide (ex-Hanoi). Nasty decided to leave the band and in his disappointment, Michael disbanded Demolition 23. He decided that he had enough of the States and in 1995, moved back to his native Finland. That is where he began working on his next album Peace Of Mind. It was released in Finland and Scandinavia in the summer of ‘96. He can currently be found doing some shows and festivals in Finland.

Updated November 15, 1998
Metal Church: The band has reformed. The original line-up of Kurdt Vanderhoof and Craig Wells on Guitar, Kirk Arrington on Drums, Duke Erickson on Bass, and Dave Wayne on Vocals is back! Look for news of the Live CD, the Reunion, and Tour as soon as the info is available! Currently the Live CD is going to be available in Europe on SPV Records with a US release in the works on the band’s own Great Northern Records.
Scatterbrain: Mike Boyko is now playing with a band called Fat. Glen Cummings is in a band called Stone Deep, and pushing his guitar playing to a new level.
Riverdogs: The band is broken up but vocalist Rob Lamothe is still recording solo CDs. They will be available soon. Apparently, some of the material is a little more mellow than Riverdogs, but anyone who knows Rob’s voice knows how incredible he is at both heavy rock and mellow stuff!!!
Femme Fatale: Lorraine Lewis’ first major gig was lead vocalist for a band called Femme Fatale. The band had one self-titled album which was released in 1988. They did a brief tour, appeared on MTV’s Mouth To Mouth, performed at RIP magazine’s birthday party, and Lorraine made an appearance on MTV’s game show Remote Control. A second album was initially planned but the band broke up and Lorraine pursued a solo career. She signed a production deal with Guns ‘N Roses producer Mike Clink in 1990. After waiting almost a year for Guns to finish their album, Lorraine and her manager decided to move on. About eight months later she was again contacted by Mike Clink and plans were to go into studio in March of 1991. That deal never did materialize, however, Lorraine did appear on the soundtrack of the 1990 film Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead with a song entitled “Chains”. In 1992 Lorraine began a project called Mercy with ex- Black Eyed Susan bass player, Erik Levy. An album was released in May 1993, and a few festival dates were played. The band then changed it’s name to Submission Blue , and a second album was recorded for release in Spring of 1994. As far as I know, nothing was actually released by Submission Blue, and the band subsequently broke up. Today Lorraine resides in the Seattle area where she runs a flower shop and fronts a band called Glamour Bomb.
Stryper: Since leaving the band, Michael Sweet pursued a solo career and has released 2 solo albums and is now working on a third release.Michael is currently living in Massachusets. Robert Sweet has a new band called Blank. Oz Fox and Tim Gaines are in a new band called Sin Dizzy. They have a CD out.
Other Tidbits: Phil Lewis (ex-L.A. Guns vocalist), Brent Muscat (ex-Faster Pussycat guitarist), and Eric Stacy (ex-Faster Pussycat bassist) are all in a band together. The band is called The Philip Lewis Band. Their new CD, More Purple Than Black was released last month. It can be ordered online at: . Tora Tora vocalist is said to be in a studio working on a solo project with session players.

Updated October 1, 1998
Hurricane: When Enigma records folded the band broke up. Doug Aldrich, guitarist on Slave to the Thrill, did some work with his old band Lion (w/ Kal Swan on vocals) and then formed another group Bad Moon Rising. Drummer Jay Schellen worked with Billy Sherwood on the second World Trade album and played on some of the Magna Carta tributes. Kelly Hansen worked with Eyes and Unruly Child.

Zebra: A new album is in the works. The vocals for the album are now being done. Guy is almost fully recovered. In Oct. a Zebra compilation CD featuring an unreleased song is scheduled to be released.

Tora Tora: Vocalist Anthony Corder and bassist Patrick Francis went on to form Homemade Flavor. Learn about their release due by year’s end at:
homemadeflavor. There sound has been described as “a perfect blend of blues, soul, and rock that satisfies any appetite.” The do play under the Tora Tora moniker.

Stryper: Oz Fox and Tim Gaines have a band called SinDizzy, and their debut album He’s Not Dead is available now, only off the ‘net. For more info browse or e-mail
Phantom Blue: Guitarist Karen Kreutzer and bassist Rana Ross have teamed up with vocalist Elysa Grey in a new band called Sinboy. They’ve just completed a demo (produced by Bob Kulick and Tom Fletcher) and a video (“Buttercup”), and they’re now shopping labels.

Eden: Vocalist Mike Henry recently lost his battle with cancer. Our condolences go out to his family and friends.

Britny Fox: I was recently E-mailed the following message: “Johnny Dee and Tommy Paris formerly of Britny Fox have formed the all new Uncle Edna! A brutally frank exercise in volume and fun.You can purchase their new 5-song demo CD for $12.00 (includes shipping). Send it to: Uncle Edna, 3160 East Desert Inn Rd. #3-444, Las Vegas, Nevada 89121. Make check or money order payable to Tommy Paris. You can listen to samples of this CD at Listen with a warm and whiskey heart...”

Updated July 30, 1998:

BABYLON A.D. have reformed. They are planning to release a live CD with tracks off of both albums plus interviews and unreleased material. A new studio album will follow. Derek, Danny and Ron have several new songs already written.

JETBOY has just released a CD full of unreleased songs. The CD is available from Perris Records.

HELIX is back. Their new CD, Half Alive was just released on DeRock records. It includes some live songs and some new studio tracks.

WARRIOR: The band is scheduled to release a new album on July 14. The CD contains 10 songs and is titled Ancient Future.

DIRTY LOOKS: Former vocalist Henrik Ostergaard’s new band Burning Orange has an 8-song CD out called TAAR. For more information write to: Mirror Records Inc., 645 Titus Ave. Irondequoit, NY 14617.
THE OUTFIELD has signed a deal with Momentum Records and hope to have a new album out by years end. Check out their website at by clicking here!

Past Updates

Angel: Fans will be happy to know that the band is back. An all new Angel album will be released this summer. It is tentatively titled In The Beginning and will feature Frank and Barry on all songs. Punky and Felix appear on some songs. Greg was not interested in participating in the reunion.

L.A. Guns: Yes, the band is still going strong but there are several former members that people have lost touch with. The last vocalist, Chris Van Dahl, can now be found in The Vow. Mick is working on electronic music and is very involved in the scene. He wants nothing to do with the band anymore. Kelly is concentrating on art design right now. Although he still enjoys playing music, he doesn’t miss the business side one bit.

Company Of Wolves: Vocalist Steve Conte and his brother John have a new band called Crown Jewels. Their debut CD is called Spitshine. For more information, call the band’s hotline at: (212)501-2547 or check out their site by clicking here. You can also E-mail: I have heard some talk of a recent album that was supposed to have been released.

Big Bang Babies: The band did a reunion show at the Roxie in Los Angeles on May 2. Many surprise guests were to appear such as Gilby, Slash, the guys from Faster Pussycat, etc. Be on the lookout for future shows.
Babylon A.D.: The band is back and is now signed to Communique Records. Their first release will feature live and rare material. An album of new material will follow later this year. Check out their site at:
Fastway: Rumor has it that the original line-up is reuniting to record a new album this year.
Girlschool: Girlschool is back and working on a new album titled No Balls. Jimmy Page will be producing the album and also appears on four songs. There is also talk of re-releasing some of Girlschool’s back catalogue.
Baton Rouge: Last heard the band is still together. They released an album last year that was self-titled. You can purchase it at the NEH Records site at:
Cycle Sluts From Hell: Brian Smith is now in a new band with Indies artist Summer on guitars/vocals and bassist Shane Walker (ex-Scooter). The band is called Blue Honey and recently played at the SXSW in Austin, TX.
Plasmatics: Vocalist Wendy O’ WIlliams recently ended her life with a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head. Since leaving the Plasmatics years ago, Williams had retired to Connecticut with her lover of 20 years, Rod Swenson. Rod co-founded the band. He issued a statement explaining that Wendy "felt she’s peaked and didn’t care to live in a world in which she was uncomfortable, and below peak, any longer." Donations in her memory can be send to the Quiet Corner Wildlife Center, 109 Ashford Center Rd., Ashford, CT 06276.

Other tidbits: Former Fastway/Katmandu vocalist, Dave King, is in a band called Flogging Molly. They will record their debut album in the spring. The former White Trash guitarist can now be found in Cosmic Box. White Sister is working on a new album.

The following from the Jan/Feb issue:
Rhino Bucket-Georg Dolivo has a new band, but no deal yet. Bucket played a reunion show over the summer, and Georg says a total band reunion is not out of the question.
*White Lion-Vito Bratta runs a musician’s internet referral service. He only plays guitar as a hobby, and has no interest in making a living with it again. Mike Tramp is close to getting a solo record deal. His new album, Capricorn, will finally be released in the U.S. in March. For more info go to: James Lomenzo was working with Zakk Wylde in Pride and Glory.
Company of Wolves-The two brothers (Joe and Steve) have a project together in North Jersey. Junkyard- Pat Muzingo (drums) is in a punk band called Speedbuggy. He says there is NO chance of a reunion. Brian Baker is playing guitar for Bad Religion, Chris Gates is in a local Austin, TX band called Choreboy. David Roach is in L.A. don’t know what he’s up to.
Sons Of Angels (info was sent to me) "dissolved due to economical problems. Geir Digernes (drums) is working in a music store in Oslo called "Schlagerforlaget." I don’t know if he is playing in a band. Hans Olav Solli (vocals) sings in a band called Wild Willy’s Gang. They are doing cover songs. I don’t think it’s a full-time project. I have seen them live only once, but they play occasionally in Oslo. Lars Kielevold (keyboards) is working with some Internet stuff in 3D at Scandinavia Online (SOL). He released an album (in norwegian) last year, I think. Staffan William-Olsson (guitar) is playing jazz in my favorite band, The Real Thing. They have a homepage: where you can find his bio as well."
Kix/Funny Money- Bobby George is no longer with the band, he has been replaced by Geoff Burrell formerly of Tubefreeks...Ned’s band Ragdoll is no more...He has now formed a Glam/Glitter rock band called Electric Warrior as a side project...The Funny Money CD was just mastered, and they expect a mid January release!
*Tora Tora- I hear that a few members of th band can be found playing around the Memphis area.
Former Stryper drummer Robert Sweet has a new band called Blank. Brother Michael is still pursuing a solo career, and Tim Gaines and Oz Fox play together in Sin Dizzy.
Bad Religion will be headlining the Vans Warped Tour ‘98 which is tentatively slated to kick off July 1 in San Diego hitting 35-37 cities in the U.S.
Tesla- Brian is now in Soul Motor City. Frank is in Moon Dog Mane. Tommy can be found playing with Marshall Coleman’s band. Troy is in One Thin Dime, and Jeff is said to be a dj at a Sacramento strip club.
Prong- Rumor has it that Tommy Victor left Danzig and reformed Prong, but this time as a more techno type of band. He did a small club tour as Prong to let fans know he was back but was said to be planning to change the band name.
Sweet F.A.- Tricky (drummer) was last seen in a three piece band called Peace Of Three somewhere in TX.
Crimson Glory are planning a reunion but singer Midnight will not be rejoining. Wade Black will sing instead (was in the band in the past). Only guitarist Jon Drenning and bassist Jeff Lords remain of the original lineup. Their new CD, Astronomica is due out in Europe before summer.
The Cult- Vocalist Ian Astbury is currently working on a solo record tentatively titled The Project. It will be out by June on Beggars Banquet Records.
And I got the following not via E-mail: "I need info on the band Four Horsemen. Apparently Frank Starr (vocals) was in a bad motorcycle wreck and is in a coma. Any info on this or on the death of their original drummer Ken Montgomery would be appreciated."

And this info is from past issues:
Danny Simon (ex-Jailhouse)is now going by the name Simon Daniels and fronts a band in L.A. called Flood. They have a self-titled CD out on Interscope Records.

Got this note from David Van Landing: “Lori in your July/August issue in Where are they now, it was printed that I sang on the Written In The Sand album. I didn’t sing on that album, I sang on the new double live album that was recorded in Tokyo, it is called the Michael Schenker Story and it is 2 1/2 hours of music, I sang 23 songs."

Last month I reported that there was a rumor that Eric Gales of the Eric Gales Band died. This was a mistake. According to a recent phone call that I received, Eric is alive and well and can be found playing in a band in Memphis.

Speaking of Memphis, I also heard that ex-Tora Tora vocalist and bassist can now be found in a new band called Homemade Flavor. The band plays in the Memphis area and are working on their debut CD.

Former Uriah Heep vocalist John Lawton can now be found in Gunhill. THey have just released their debut CD. For more info write to the band at: Gunhill, 57 Tenderden Dr, London, NW4 1EA, U.K.

Love/Hate: Love Hate have recently released their 5th and final album titled Livin' Off Layla. The line-up on the album includes: Jizzy Pearl, Marq Torien (ex-Bulletboys), Skid, Joey Gold and Jon E. Love. Jizzy began working on the album but for some reason decided not to finish. Vocalist Marq Torien was brought in to complete the remaining songs. For more info visit the Boom Boom Room. Fans in the U.S. can get a copy of the new CD by sending a check/money order made payable to Karen Rose for $13 to: SK-9 Records, 1000 N. Doheny Dr. STE 204, West Hollywood, CA 90069-3132. Now that Love/Hate is calling it quits, Joey can be found in a new band called 57 Crown.

Blue Tears: After their break-up, vocalist Greg Fulkerson went to Nashville and tried his hand at country music. He wrote songs for a few artists. He recently appeared on Tim Feehan’s new CD, Pray For Rain. He wrote the best song of the album, titled Worth a fight.