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My name is Elizabeth Gendler, or Liz if you prefer, and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.  If you don't know where that is, it's about nine hours by car or one hour or so by plane northwest of Chicago.  Hope that helps.

last updated 3/3/02

FINALLY!  I hope to get working on some major additions to most or all of these pages in January and February of '02.  This site has been horribly neglected, and it's time for that to change.  Check back in the future and (hopefully) see what's up!

More about me-updated March 3

a little Shakespeare to get you started-updated October 28, 2000

People I wish I knew-updated May 12, 2000

Movies I've liked-quotes updated November 6, 2000

Good books-updated March 23, 2000

Random stuff-updated March 3

A little humor (very little)-updated January 8, 2000

Star Trek-updated January 8, 2000

The X-Files-updated sometime October or November 1999

My stories and translations-updated November 25, 1999

Quotes-updated November 6, 2000

Poetry stuff-updated June 23, 2000

My favorite TV shows-updated June 19, 2000

Musical plays-updated September 16, 2000

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